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  1. Pocket Notebook Queries

    If you aren't issued one, ask at your resources department or whatever you guys call it. They often have lots of good freebies....
  2. Emergency response driving APL

    Regardless of your local policies, I would be VERY surprised if you were put forward to any sort of driving assessment until such time as you'd proved yourself and got your independent patrol signed off. No point being a response driver if you don't know how to deal with stuff and the policies and procedures. My advice - if you're interested in being a Special Constable, then apply and do it. But don't mention anything about driving with the police until you're independent patrol.
  3. I would also add that it's unlikely the same officers dealing with an incident two weeks or ten years ago as it is today. Therefore they are unlikely to know about what evidence has been obtained for the previous cases.
  4. BBC.Notting Hill Carnival: Police officers 'dread' the event

    I don't understand how it's a surprise or news that officers don't like Carnival?
  5. Undeclared legal mods on vehicle

    When I said I wasn't 100% I meant I wasn't 100% certain on the time the policy is voided from.... whether it was from the very start of the policy or from here and now. Everything else I am certain of. It seems JS has clarified it, so voiding is from the very start of the policy. Either way, that doesn't really matter because MIB will tell you on the phone 'they insurance company are no longer offering cover thus he's got no insurance' , which is all you need.
  6. Undeclared legal mods on vehicle

    Well, I can assure you insurance companies have and do void policies based on over the phone information from Police. When they void a policy, I think in a legal sense it is completely voided from the start of the policy (as if it had never been taken out), not just from the time you phone up.... I'm not 100% certain on this, but I can assure you the 'we are cancelling it here and now and it's no longer valid because of xxxx so you can seize the car' happens as I've had it more than a few times. In terms of giving the insurance company details of an investigation, I would not do that beyond what I have to. I may fill in a data protection form and provide enough information to justify why I'm asking the questions I am asking or why it is a proportionate, legal, accountable and necessary request. But I wouldn't be telling them anything they absolutely don't need to know. If you need to do this, seek guidance from a more experienced colleague or supervisor.
  7. Perhaps the Mayor should consider getting his own house in order first. One guess what the majority of the Met fleet runs on? Yes, diesel. And LFB? I think it might also be diesel again....
  8. Abstracting water from the mains

    Theft would be a good one. I'm guessing you're thinking of abstracting electricity, but I don't think it would be 'abstracting water' because the water is actually a physical thing you can take away, whereas electricity isn't a physical thing in the same way. Did you report this to anyone? Do you have the VRM of the van?
  9. I won't go into the operational guidance, but suffice to say that I don't think many officers, if any, these days will pursue a two-wheeled vehicle. I've had two make off from me in the last week and I didn't carry on when it was clear they weren't going to stop.
  10. Where are they? I've just looked in the news forum and the only guidelines I can see are from 2003?
  11. Don't be fooled. Met PCs at the very least don't get "extensive training" they mainly just get a re-hash of what Specials get, so if you're in the Met or thinking about joining the Met, then don't expect to come out of PC training school knowing much more than you do now as a Special. I think some of the County forces have better PC training programmes, but can't say everybody does, as I don't know. The availability of a few more courses might be easier to get for regular officers later on in their careers, but again these aren't always closed to Specials. I think the best source of knowledge and training for regular officers is the fact that they get a lot more experience doing the job every day and they have a much better supportive network around them working with the same team mates every day who pass on their knowledge and experience. That's where most officers really pick up stuff and develop their skills, it's not the training.
  12. Are you thinking of applying to become PC?
  13. What if YOU Were the thief?

    During a search, I would not disclose my occupation. However,if you are arrested as a Police Officer, you MUST tell the Custody Sergeant you are a police officer on arrival at the police station, because there are certain procedures that must be carried out differently from another member of the public. For a start, you are in a notifiable occupation therefore your own Force / DPS/PSD would need to be informed. You'd also likely want a Fed rep / legal advice via the Fed. It's also likely that a paper-based custody record will be used instead of a computerised version to stop prying eyes looking at the custody record. The crime reports, etc are likely to be restricted / locked down for the same reason. It would be likely you'd be on a constant watch as you probably would be considered higher risk that most other detainees.
  14. Terror suspect

    What power gives you the requirement to demand the person's name and address in the first place? I don't agree with you that filming at train stations or police officers makes someone a terrorist. Just look at youtube... the number of people filming at train stations or emergency services is huge, interest in those areas is also pretty huge by anoraks. Just because you find documents as part of a section 32 search showing a name and an address, what makes you think they are the person you have in front of you?
  15. Oh dear. You really didn't get that did you! Or at least when I said it....