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  1. 'Theft'

    This has been progressed by regular officers. Unfortunately I cannot interview and have a full time job to attend too. I have since been told EMPLOYEE A was told in no uncertain terms that she needs to repay the money within the week or they would be interviewed and dealt with. EMPLOYEE A denied taking any money, but nonetheless repaid it in full as they 'felt guilty it had gone missing'. Community resolution for EMPLOYEE A. Edit; yes i did raise both eyebrows at hearing she repaid it, and got a community resolution. But denied ever stealing it?
  2. 'Theft'

    Not forgetting this money was intended for a cancer charity….
  3. 'Theft'

    Mrs MIGGINS has just finished her charity event, held at sandford cricket club. The event was held to raise funds for a Cancer fund charity. Mrs MIGGINS is carrying the takings to her vehicle when she drops an envelope containing £185, part of the evenings total takings. Mrs MUGGINS, MIGGINS friend, finds the money and hands it to sand ford cricket club bar woman, EMPLOYEE A, who then deposits into the safe. Mrs Miggins arranges to collect the money before the end of the week but before this could happen, EMPLOYEE A leaves employment, and takes the money with her. Mrs MIGGINS texts EMPLOYEE A to get the money back. she replies she will return it soon. MIGGINS is told by police this is a civil matter, and she is to contact her solicitor. MIGGINS contacts EMPLOYEE A again and is told the money will be sent via post. A cheque arrives and is cashed by MIGGINS. This cheque bounces. MIGGINS then texts EMPLOYEE A to ask where the money is but receives no reply. Communication has now ceased. You are tasked with this. What would you do from here. EMPLOYEE A is unknown to police and has no pre cons.
  4. Restricted Hours

    Does your Force have anything in place to put restrictions on the amount of hours you are allowed to put in as a Special? For example the minimum is 16 hours, but SC Smith works on average 60-80 per month. SC Smith's line manager decides this is too much and restricts her to 30 per month. Is this a normal thing? Is it allowed? Ive heard some forces congratulate some specials for doing over 100 hours per month, present certificates etc. How can one force congratulate and others rebuke?
  5. Ice bucket challenge……

    Assault? Criminal damage? I see what you're getting at, all in a good cause, community spirit etc etc. BUT, people who have undertaken the challenge have mostly been dressed appropriately, usually shorts and a t shirt, with no valuables on them. Im sure most of us are up for public interaction but officers are not there to be seemingly ridiculed or made the butt of pranks… If you're new iPhone was ruined would you hysterically laugh at the thought of a £000 repair bill?
  6. You and a colleague are on NTE foot patrol in the town centre, end of a cold wet week in August, 2014. It is late evening and the area is busy with members of the public, of all ages, some drinking, some not. There is a recent trend of ALS Ice bucket challenge videos circulating on social media and the wider media, if you don't know what that is… one person whilst on camera pours cold water over another persons head, all in the name of charity. As you approach a public house, lots of people around, two chaps walk up behind both you and your colleague and proceed to empty two buckets of water onto you. You turn around to see a large group of people recording and laughing. The two males responsible are walking away laughing. What would you do?
  7. I imagine the Commissioner was making that comment with tongue firmly in cheek….
  8. Injuries on Duty

    Broken elbow 4 years prior to joining. Night shift, 21:00 on duty, 21:04 responding to males attacking a security guard, 4 up in a transit. Males running down the road directly in front of us, driver puts it up onto the pavement and we bundle out the side door. 60 metres later he's out of breath and we go to ground. Cuffed, caged. Inflamed the keeloid scar on the elbow and off work for 3 days. Fully paid. Doctor recommended elbow pads…. Seriously, he did.
  9. Hants FEC

    Has anybody recently completed an assessment day for the force enquiry centre in Hampshire, and can shed any light on what the day entails? Thanks.. Obviously not looking for any thing confidential so to speak, just to give a brief overview!
  10. Staffordshire SC to get Taser

    This type of discussion always brings about talk of 'hours and years served vary from person to person, different duties here, different skills levels there'. All irrelevant. Pass the course and you're as good as any other taser operator.
  11. Yeah id say so. From the victims point of view, is it fair their house was burgled, their daughter was raped, and so fourth Didn't read the whole question. Don't agree with a shorter sentence thereafter, should be consistent
  12. If comparable to other crimes, then yes one year is high when you consider some convicted death by dangerous drivers will get 8 months suspended, as an example. But the judge cannot make his decisions based on previous sentencing, and this case in particular needed a hard sentence.
  13. This is serious and shouldn't be judged along side other previous disposals which haven't been as harsh on the defendant. Its obvious there is little consistency with sentencing but this sentence was the right one for this particular incident. Modern day civilised country, everyone should be allowed to go about their religious business as they please. Within the confines of the law obviously.
  14. BBC2:Police under Pressure

    That was grim. Very sad state of affairs. Thought it was bad down here… Home secretary, wake up. Before its too late
  15. Vehicle seizure 'but I wasn't driving'

    Sit up and watch it. Will leave at some point via a public road. Speak to the driver, phone MIB. Confirm system is correct and go from there. Back for tea and biscuits