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  1. ? Policing your hometown ?

    I policed my home town, my station is literally 10 minutes away. Never had any bother nor had cause for concern. If anything, I was more worried about the enemies I made as a shop assistant than I was as a Special. Now though, I'm off to London so I will get to see what it's like not Policing home. For me, policing my town was convenient, I know pretty much everywhere and I was at least vaguely aware of the issues it had when I started as a Special.
  2. Latest Youtube video of police

    What disrespectful little gits!
  3. What can you do at different levels?

    Love it when non-gamers make DnD jokes =D Made me laugh though, but the OP made me think it was a dnd game with all the levels.
  4. Ice bucket challenge……

    As evidence and arrest. Would not be an impressed soggy constable with broken phone and airwave.
  5. Latest Youtube video of police

    Edit: Blandy beat me to it.
  6. That poor constable at Notting hill Carnival

    I don't know. He might be laughing, but his facial expression behind the laugh seems to be that of "haha hah.... Someone please help me!" That or he might be thinking "gonna have to sit down"
  7. Powerless jobs

    But why would you want to delete and block friends on facebook? I thought the entire idea of facebook was to collect "friends", and the more "friends" you have then the more likely you are to win, and then you can trade them and battle them against other players...
  8. Latest Youtube video of police

    it's no longer there =(
  9. Streets Policing.

    In Northampton we have a whole team of Police Constables and PCSOs dedicated just to walking the streets, and they are very frequently (almost all the time) augmented by additional specials. Unfortunately though, the Police cannot be everywhere at once, especially in the current climate where everyone is having to do more with less.
  10. What is this? I cannot find any pictures that say "THIS IS A CORKY CUSTODIAN" I just see lots of normal custodians.
  11. Northamptonshire do have a chief officer. It is a very recent thing though. Not noticed much difference with it tbh.
  12. Special Constables working in retail

    Noooooooooooooo. Well you get what I mean. I don't badge out.
  13. Special Constables working in retail

    I use my any persons powers to detain the ones who are not willing to give stock back. As for abusive people, I tell them I find their behaviour to be abusive and that it a not tolerated, then if it continues I ask them to leave, and if they don't I call the police. I don't badge out unless doing so can prevent injury or death
  14. Officer found dead in Alloa police station

    Personally think one is too many. Thoughts are with family and friends
  15. Tips for Public Order Night Shifts

    Definately good advice. One of my first NTE shifts, I had a very agitated old lady come up to me, drunk as a skunk, complaining that the taxi had ripped her off. She was very animated and using lots of swears and quite angry, but I thought I batted her away with my charming words. Then I saw a Misper wandering around, and whilst I was dealing with him Hagface came back and tried to punch me in the back of my head, she only knocked my helmet off but had I been more aware I'd have seen her coming back. I should have dealt with her the first time around, and I now don't tolerate any rubbish on NTE duties as a result. Live and learn, and S.27s are an excellent tool. I give them out like confetti.