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  1. UKBA won't give a crap in all honesty, I have dealt with them a lot of the time and bless them they try hard but no good ever comes of it. I also know people very well who work there who agree! Reason why I say this is because they have 0 money to do anything, I've arrested people for overstaying and because they dont have resources to detain them they bail them and give them a ticket on a plane home, now if that person decides to stay a bit longer they can vanish into thin air. Regarding your scenario the only thing you can do in regards to work is to call the UKBA and they will put an intel report on the person. Without going operational info all I will say is theres no point what so ever in arresting them.
  2. Police across London to be equipped with Tasers after the Olympics

    I don't know why they picked the 5 quietest boroughs in the Met to trial them though :s
  3. I can not wait for this! I use the motorway every day and the amount of idiots driving in the wrong lane really annoys me, not only is it annoying it causes MORE traffic if you middle lane hog cars have to go around you therefore making the motorway 2 lanes instead of 3. If anyone has ever driven in France/Spain they will understand, over there their lane discipline is very good as soon as they overtake the sit in lane 1. (shame they have a very high RTC rate though)
  4. Met PC Beaten Unconscious

    I know the PC well hes a lovely chap, he wasn't single crewed as the article said though, but it was very serious, hope he gets well soon!
  5. Bias in stop and search figures

    I work in an area where 70% of ALL people are NON-white (2001). We go to area in which that changes to 95% of people being non-white, now lets take that area for example, that has the highest rates of drug and GUN crime, so if were patrolling there and searching people it is very unlikely a white person would be searched due to the amount of non-white people in the area. This will obviously alter the overall picture of black/non-white people being stopped. As mentioned above, gang culture is rife in the area with approx 96% of people in gang on the borough are non-white, these people WILL get stopped a lot more because if we want to keep crime down we target the people who create the crime, needless to say the media have no idea. I honestly don't think with all the officers I've worked with that we target people of a BME, if you look like a slag and act like one you'll get stopped, simple as that, nothing to do with colour.
  6. Lancashire Police job cuts 'causing more crime'

    I hope to hear more of this so people can actually see the effects of cutting the police force are.. It is sad knowing we're stretched and crime is happening but we can't attend because we have nobody but if this is the way the people at the top want it then fine so be it!
  7. I stopped reading at "''He is a diabetic and was panicking because of the spray"
  8. Met plans huge Jubilee operation

    up to 6,000 officers on double bubble, theres always money floating around
  9. Theft or Loss?

    Property lost in the street, can't remember where he put it, didn't see anyone else take it. Even if someone took it they may hand it in, no theft. Thats what I'd do if that came to me in the front office.
  10. Black fireman says he was abused and Tasered by Met

    I remember this party happening, Harrow were desperate for units and urgent assistance had been put up numerous times, I can see how tempers must have been high, but the courts have already made their minds up which just makes it sad for the officers involved that it went against them, but I do have to agree with the firefighter on some of the points..
  11. When does life mean life?

    Yeah they'll be on licence after, but look at Preddie (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/feb/10/damilola-taylor-killer-recalled-prison) he was released after murder, went back to his old ways, reason being is because once you've been locked up for so long the only thing you know how to do is commit crime to make "easy money". Now we onbiously can't just use 1 example but it's an example that sticks out, In my day to day policing, I've spoken to criminals and said, would you commit as much crime as you do if you knew that prison would be the same as police custody (ie, no play station, beds, gym etc) and all of them said no, they do their nut when they're in the little 6x6 for 24 hours.
  12. When does life mean life?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-17766713 x2 GBH W/I and attempted murder = at least 14 years? Attempted murder alone is meant to be a life sentence of a minimum of 15 years if I'm not mistaken? These scumbags have paralysed a young girl for life meanwhile on the HUNT to kill rival gang members and the judge thinks that's an acceptable sentence? Sometimes it makes me think why we bother.... Thoughts?
  13. All Met Police Are Racist Bnp Members

    Anyone considered that this might be a photoshop job or fake twitter? Not that I've bothered to research it but if it is her, shes not very clever for posting that. But do we really care what solictors think anyway??? It's just another comment into the bank of harmless comments, were to thick skinned to care what people like that have to say about us, or I hope people think like that. Although in her profession, she should be dealt with seriously...
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-17583884