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    I am a very active individual who is very positive as well as conscientious.

    I enjoy a wide range of sports including cycling, snooker/pool, swimming, and going to the gym, kickboxing, circuit training and socialising in general.

    I have a wide range of interests including the emergency services, going out with
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  1. NDM. National Decision Model.

    CIAPOAR in sort Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. Domestic Voilence, dont suffer in silence this Christmas...

  3. Railway Byelaws

    Evening Ladies and gents. Could someone please send me the upto date copy of the Railway Byelaws. I have attempted this via Truncheons post but cannot locate file. Many thanks! Stay safe out there!
  4. Police Camera Action

    IMHO Just watched this and was glad to see that reaction of those 'organ doners' at the end (especially the female) when they brought the little girl out (please do excuse me but i forgot her name) and showed what the EXACT result of their driving manners can do. Maybe a sign of getting through to their thick skulls....then again?? And it was good not having to see another repeat of Police, Camera, Action it aswel as i always seem to manage to switch onto lol! Stay safe out there!
  5. Off-duty cop foils armed robbery

    Here Here!:D
  6. Police chief tells officers: Don't follow the rules

    Here here!
  7. The Hunt For Raoul Moat

    My thoughts are with all that are involved, especially the victims families at this absolutely dreadful time. Peace and love. I do find it hard to believe that they havent caught him yet, however i guess these things take time. In My personal opinion is that i think hes done himself in. Stay safe out there!
  8. 'Last' PCSOs to get Stab Vests

    It doesnt shock me one bit, this is West Mids for you! Its about time though as a few of my mates are West Mids PCSO's and are forever going on about will we/wont we. personally im sick to death of talking about it! WELL DONE WEST MIDS!!