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  1. Photocopying warrant card?

    You are NOT to photocopy warrant cards. The End.
  2. Framing Someone

    Let's say the item was a wallet retailed at £70 from a department store and it was placed in a bag, which person B has purchased, without them knowing and they leave the store.
  3. Framing Someone

  4. Framing Someone

    Are there any laws out there with regard to Person A placing objects in the bag of Person B without their knowledge?
  5. How would you deal with this guy?

    I would watch and laugh
  6. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/house-and-home/property/squatters-rights--and-wrongs-2144131.html
  7. As you can see the victim did contact the police and they were simply shrugged off "It's not our problem". Surely the police at that station were not doing their job properly? I truly feel sorry for this guy, he comes back and is made homeless!!
  8. Connan Gupta, 40, is a hotelier, who had his house in south London occupied while on holiday Last month I came back to my home in Camberwell from a week at my sister's and couldn't get in. At first, I thought I had the wrong keys, but when I saw a sign in the window, I realised that there were squatters in there. I banged on the door for a few minutes, and said: 'This is my home, open the door.' They told me to go away. I called the police straight away, but was told – incorrectly – that there was nothing they could do, and I should hire a solicitor and go through the civil courts. I was completely in shock. I couldn't believe that this was going on, that there was someone in my house with everything of mine inside, and I couldn't get them out. I went to Brixton police station, where I asked to see someone with regard to the case. I was again told there was nothing they could do. I didn't really want to focus in on what they were doing with my stuff, how many people were there. My main focus at that time was just to get them out. I was just so shocked they had invaded my home. I was feeling very distressed – beside myself. There were reports that there were more than 15 people in the house, together with three dogs and two cats. To see people, as I did, going in and out of my home, to see them responding to the local papers and laughing was much worse a violation than burglary. And I couldn't do anything about it. It wasn't until my local MP, Tessa Jowell, got involved that I found out that there is no such thing as squatters' rights because home owners are protected, and the police finally asked them to leave, then forced entry when they refused. My place was a complete mess and I had to change the doors and get the locks changed, but basically I was back in my house, very relieved, but still in shock. Looking back, the whole episode is maddening. I don't know what rights my status as home owner entitle me to. Even my solicitor advised me to go down the civil route. If I'm not aware of the laws, and neither the police nor my solicitor makes them clear to me, then it's very confusing. In the end, I'm very thankful that my local MP with the local Safer Neighbourhood team were able to help me. But every time I go out, I have a sense of paranoia now: are there people watching the house? I haven't been able to work properly since, and I've felt at times like I'm a prisoner in my own house." Surely these people have broken into the house, shouldn't the police intervene? Also if this happened to a police officer would you think the another police officer would say the same thing... go see a solicitor?
  9. "Freeman"

    Video removed due to the profanity used within it. Certain words beginning with "W" "C" and "F" are not suitable for PoliceSpecials.com in any context.
  10. In a cafe

    They were sitting there in a gang as I would call it... and once the bottle was grabbed they all decided to come over. So it was basically 7 on 3 people... and my friend just came and was just confused as to what was happening
  11. In a cafe

    We did try to calm the attacker down... but he was having none of it... my friend got punched in the face whilst standing there... another friend was meeting and pulled the guys arm back to stop him hitting and about 4 of them started punching my friend.
  12. In a cafe

    So your sitting in a cafe... and suddenly a person approaches you and your friends in a jokely manner and pretends to pour water on your mate. Another friend grabs the bottle of water from the persons hand and then it gets heated. The 'attacker' then becomes very hostile. Would you flash your badge before anything major kicks off to warn the attacker and his friends that if the badger holder gets attacked then that is an assault on a officer. What would other special constables do?