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  1. BTP CNC MDP HETO to merge! Probably.

    With the likes of HETO being involved in the process i am assuming that this will mot ne a fully armed agency. Also not all unarmed officers (like your average btp bobby) would be able, mentally and physically to complete the firearms training package so one would hope they would not be handed their P45s. It would be one big step in the wrong direction if they made every officer on the railways armed. Or would that also spell the end for BTP pcso's? Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  2. Mnemonics!

    LEAP Listen Empathise Ask Paraphrase
  3. I'm a rural SC for TVP and Specials do get 4x4 off road training if there is an operational need.
  4. TVP @ Olympics..

    Yes TVP are sending officers to the olympics to work alongside the Met. There has been a special team put together who have already started their specific training for the roles they have been given.
  5. Helmet play or pause?

    Unfortunately as a TVP special I don't have the flat cap or custodian dilemma as we only get issued with a flat cap.Given the choice though if I did have a custodian it would be kept as a collectable as flat cap is easy to carry about when not on my noggin.
  6. How Do Specials Identify Themselves?

    they do still say police officer at the top yes.
  7. How Do Specials Identify Themselves?

    Over here in TVP our warrant cards say joe Bloggs is a special constable. I would like to add that PC Ramsden is very much pro SC's as he has said and to suggest otherwise is wrong as you obviously have not read any of his posts,I only know him from the tvp forum and I know that. The only reason that anybody would call themselves a PC when they are in fact a SC in my mind is because they are,as has been said time and time again,ashamed of it which there is no reason.If you are ashamed of being in the sepcials then i suggest leave. I have always told people that im a special to which they assume that im a pcso and a quick summary of the differences between us pcso's and regulars and they understand,Its not rocket science and they are aware from then on and appreciate what we/I do more.No need to tell them im a police constable because im not,Im a special and proud of it!!!!
  8. Neil rather......thats what happens when you try and multi-task

  9. Hello Niel!!! Hope you and the family are well,have you done your first shift yet? Missing the sully banter and missing you lol take care and speak soon.have a great xmas