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  1. Pottymouth Anti Socialite

    Thanks for the case. I read through the case and it seems that it is not totally relevant. It refers to the offender appealing due to the fact '...she had been arrested for committing a breach of the peace whilst in the back of the police car, not a threatened breach of the peace. Saying that she was aggressive but not violent, and therefore no breach of the peace occurred and was therefore unlawful. ''The court found that whilst she was behaving in an aggressive manner which may have led to an imminent threat of violence she had been arrested for an actual breach of the peace and not a threatened breach of the peace'' I read it that the courts ruling seems to suggest that if she had been arrested for a threatened breach of the peace, it might of been lawful? Which was the reason for arrest I was suggesting in the topics scenario. Although I might of worded it prevent further, when really it should be threatened, as like you say no BOP had yet occurred as aggressive behaviour cannot count.
  2. Rural Special Constables

    I agree SC117, I've caught more individuals with drugs on them in rural locations than urban ones and you come across far more bizarre activities compared to in town, more so as people don't expect you to be there.
  3. Pottymouth Anti Socialite

    I would agree with S5 of POA, however what is your opinion of arresting the male to prevent a further breach of the peace? By the sounds of it a confrontation has occurred between the parents and the male. I know people are different and like to swear all the time in normal talk, but in this context it would seem aggressive or threatening, telling someone to go f yourself. Therefore could you not argue if you as the officer, leave the scene and do not intervene, a BOP may occur, either by a parent, having enough of the swearing, and intervening more verbally or even physically or by the male who gets annoyed that people are telling him to be quiet and maybe goes on to get physical with one of the parents. Therefore is justification given, to arrest the male to prevent a further BOP? I'm under the impression, you do not technically have to arrest the one who is going to breach the peace, however you can arrest the person whose conduct will likely cause a BOP, ie continuing to tell parents to go f yourself, may cause a BOP to occur, by one of the parents assaulting the male. Thoughts?
  4. Rural Special Constables

    Hey 5384, thanks for the info. Its intriguing to know what organisations the Notts Rural SCs have been teaming up with. There is definitely a lot more organisations out there that would love further partnerships with the police in regards to the vital work they do in our rural areas. I would agree, current climate, more dedicated rural patrols are vital to make the our rural communities feel like we care about them and rural SCs seem to be one way to do it. I can see how it may seem less interesting on the face of it, as the 'action' is going to be in our town centres, but when you think, you will still go to the usual jobs as you no doubt will have some urban areas in your patch, but then you have the knowledge and experience to deal with the more specific rural crimes as well.
  5. Rural Special Constables

    That sounds interesting. Good luck with it, you'll have to let me know how you get on, especially after your standard Specials training and you go onto the rural stuff! Was there different criteria applying for the Rural Sc? Ie where you live or your job? Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  6. Rural Special Constables

    Hi, Ah okay so you have been recruited as a Rural Special right from the beginning, rather than say a current independent Special who wants to specialise in rural crime?
  7. Hello Is anyone part of or aware of their Force running a sort of specialist role within the Special Constabulary dealing specifically with rural crime? I heard that Hertfordshire has set up 'Rural' Specials, as well as 'Mounted Rural' Specials, and Norfolk has set up a 'Specials on horseback scheme'. Before I left Nottinghamshire last year I know they were thinking about creating Rural Specials and I see JBTINEGATE posted a topic about it starting off in Newark ( I didn't want to hijack anyone's thread). So my question is, what was the idea behind your force setting it up (increased rural crime?), what extra training do you get (wildlife crime, sheep/cattle markings, cattle rustling, agricultural machinery identification marks, etc)? Did you set up working groups with local people, farmers, businesses etc? and in practice how have you actually found it operationally - has it changed how you work, made a positive impact on rural public relations/crime levels, are you just paired with a neighbourhood PC who is based in a rural beat or is it a target team of Specials or a mixture of SCs and regs etc? Cheers
  8. Police telling lies...

    Surely the reason for the stop was the illegal number plate. The reason he drew attention to the officers was that they thought he was driving whilst he was using his mobile phone. Just a funny video.
  9. Police Staff Becoming Specials

    Theres a few models but its simply where your employer of your paid jobs give you extra annual leave days if you use those days to volunteer as a Special. Some for example allow you 8 hours every month or 2 weeks every year, etc.
  10. FORCE MERGERS- What would you do?

    Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire have already joined forces to a degree with the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) which has allowed the forces to collaborate departments, such as forensics. On another note I agree Lancashire and Cumbria should join together, although as said earlier they have already looked into it a number of times without any success
  11. Motorcyclist Dies During Police Pursuit

    The question I want to know is what was he failing to stop for?
  12. Porno Burger Van Busted

    Why would anyone want to buy a burger and beer after a night out just for the free porno film?
  13. Twelve Killed by Cumbria Gunman

    2nd gun related incident which im aware which has happened in Cumbria in the last few months. Unfortunately the later being far more serious.
  14. Police 'cool' Belfast trouble with ice-cream van music

    I'v seen some of these incidents of kids throwing bricks/bottles and what else they can find at the Land Rovers in the Northern Ireland on some police TV show and the police guys inside don't seem to bothered. Is this a common occurrence in NI?
  15. Not so subtle commute

    A more progressive route such as that used for bikers would be better.