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  1. Welcome to the world of Government procurement, nothing is compatible with anything. We all spend our life driving around dropping files or disks off.
  2. May just be better off letting natural selection sort this one out.
  3. Videos on handcuffing and restraining suspects

    That used to be taught in OST, not sure if it was ever in the manual.
  4. Videos on handcuffing and restraining suspects

    Should gain full control before removing your cuffs in theory. Not always achievable
  5. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    I think it confuses them too
  6. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    Ah now I get you. Yes they do. But custom and excise officers are not there for screening passengers prior to flights and have the powers to arrest and search.
  7. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    C&E? A right to search anyone? Under what power? There are no powers I know of for civilians beyond that of by consent
  8. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    Not to my knowlaged, given that airport staff are civilians and not accredited I fail to see how they would. Thats not to say if you had RGB as a police officer you couldn't stop search.
  9. Videos on handcuffing and restraining suspects

    This is so true, having to reach across to someone else's cuffs because your tangled up.
  10. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    An airport screening search is a condition of carriage but is a search most certainly by consent, otherwise you would need a legal power to conduct it.
  11. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    Always the dealer, why bother with a possession offence, even if the dealer has just supplied the last of his street deals you will still obtain valuable intelligence by identifying him.
  12. Videos on handcuffing and restraining suspects

    There has never been a rugby tackle or pile on taught in any OST lesson, yet its about the most used technique
  13. Videos on handcuffing and restraining suspects

    A totally unrealistic demo of how an encounter like this will unfold and the ridiculous use of a wrist lock that you wouldn't even get near putting on a resistant subject. Lets be quite honest, its a training scenario so to much critique is pointless, but the male officer is too close to react appropriately his reactionary gap just won't allow him to get his hands up. The use of a wrist lock in this situation is risk at best and daft at worst as you simply won't get it on in reality. The female officer is unlikely to have been able to hold on to the left wrist of the subject if he chose to just pull his arm away. I take note of the fighting arc comment and in theory its good, but in practice as soon as she headed towards the back or side of the subject he is likely to turn his attention to her, people are animalistic and their survival instinct knows that allowing people behind you is bad news. In reality the subject needed taking to the ground and dealing with there if he was violent in my opinion, its much safer and more controlled. The above link to the Vancouver Police trying to arrest a subject is a prime example of how hard it is to cuff people who really don't want you to. OST is generally taught really bad in my experience and the program lacks modernisation and investment, be careful not to blindly believe that after OST training you are a OST Ninja, your instructors may well give you a false sense of confidence only for it to be literally kicked out of you at your first violent encounter. Its hard confidence wise to recover from. Must of the OST Syllabus is available open source through the internet, so the topic can be discussed openly providing it doesn't go in to operational info such as limitations of kit etc.
  14. FMOTL and such

    I would say they do given his repetitive "I don't consent" theme, well that and his clear law breaking. It's just an opinion, not personal.
  15. FMOTL and such

    They are when you make comments relating to how you would behave yet your actions on your videos totally contradict that.