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  1. You stop making up fantasy scenarios in order to try and get a serving officer to say something incriminating.
  2. Yes sorry, fat figured typing.
  3. I am sure you state on one of your videos you have always no with banning orders for certain areas. Maybe my bad memory.
  4. I doubt they would allow you to go given the various convictions FPN's etc Its not the image the police are trying to project
  5. Utter nonsense, that would be discrimination and nothing in the Home Office guidance mentions this. Worth joining BASC and if you have issues using their legal team, but I doubt you will.
  6. Because you say so or because you have some proof of this by way of policy or some other type of evidence? We are talking best practice, not what is commonly done.
  7. Consult your Force tier 5 interview advisor and they will say different. Although it happens regularly, it is not best practice at all regardless of the offence. When you review volume crime interviews you realise how poor a good proportion are because of lone interviewing and bad practice due to pressure to get the job done.
  8. Plenty do happen 1 on 1 but it's not recommended.
  9. This is simply not offence, unless one of the parties makes a complaint or the injuries are so disproportionate to the sport that they amount to an assault, however unless its GBH (And even then in very limited circumstances) I would suggest as a combat sport its expected. Being in a park has no relevance, martial arts displays are in the public as are boxing matches.
  10. I would be driving back and forward ever so slightly as they approached
  11. Are you actually trailing PAVA yet? Its a claim thats been banded around for the last 8 years and no one has ever made a decision.
  12. AFA 06 doesn't permit the carriage of batons (Or any other offensive weapons), but it does designate Service Police as Police Officers giving them reasonable excuse, with lawful authority coming from the the Defence Secretary in 1997.
  13. Totally agree, the larger question is. If the public got more involved would it reduce crime? Ibthink it probably would
  14. Think the any person power is vauge in certain aspects, most likely on purpose. Practically a police officer would need to ensure the suspect has been informed of his rights, cautioned and the grounds and reasons explained. If the MOP had done all this (unlikely) I would still repeat. The main issue is most police dismiss this Any person power as second rate or not necessary, but actually it's a power that's used every single day.
  15. There is some discussion as to whether further arrest is actually necessary. I believe it probably would be given the grounds and reason and to ensure PACE is complied with, but this doesn't void an earlier arrest, it's simply a re-arrrsting the same as if further offences had been identified.