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  1. Colourblind within UK Police

    Gender:Male Colour deficiencies: Trichomat red and green Occupation: PC Force: DPP Impact:none as yet waiting for response in regards to attachments with marine unit Other: when was 16 at a careers fair was told very harshly not to bother as any form of colour blindness would be rejected. 24 joined Hampshire specials no problem! 26 tried the navy as a war officer failed due to eyes protested as I can tell difference between red and green just can't do those ridiculous dot tests so they paid fir the lantern test which passed flying colours unfortunately they put app on hold due to recruitment freeze said be 2 year wait making me too old!!! joined DPP as a regular, did all there test and gave them my lantern tests they said was a mild trichromat but my colour perception was amazing and they would not need to report my deficiency to my superiors as my evidence would be ok in court and id be treated as if I was Not a trichromat result
  2. NCALT

    Dont get me started on NCALT!! I am starting as a regukar in January I have to complete loads of stuff before I start... The actual police stuff is grand and I find it ok although done it before as a special for another force. Its the ECDL stuff that grinds my gears! Like teaching to suck eggs and the tests you have to do it the long and often tedious way to get the mark!! Urg!! Ill be glad when I've finished it
  3. Status of people using this forum

    Just updated my status to regular *ex-special* woop!
  4. New officer pay comparison

    Here here Dutyman! Well said!
  5. Magistrates Court

    Only advise worth noting is, respect, stand up straight and professional and the last but most important tell the truth, nothing but the truth simples
  6. Special Constable - Benefits + Rewards

    Well you are all very lucky people... Nearest nandos 3 hours... Nearest dominos... 3 hours nearest pizza express 1 and half hour... Live in the country, every ones packing even the farmers wife's! Oh hot fuzz how you make me smile! In all seriousness (though was serious about those times, we do have a Chinese but it is highly suspect...) the best reward is the friends and skills you make and learn. It's all free and experience can never be brought... Tho of nandos ever does decide to come to the back end of no where as long as they use the local free range chickens and not upset the local sheep then maybe discount be nice not as a sC just as there resident customer yum yum
  7. Court uniform

    Personally I agree with SCEoghan, police should have a number one dress. To be used for court, ceremonial duties etc... End of the day we are British and that's what we do best, dress to impress in ceremonial wear. Outdated maybe, traditional yes, proud most def
  8. Switching Off...

    It's not difficult at all. It's called integrity and you swore a oath to uphold the law. Several choices call the police yourself, fill in a intelligence form or do something there and then. Though I have to say I'd hope my friends and family weren't stupid enough to do such things around me or put me in that situation Also agree with what naveyice says
  9. Wish you all the best

    am on the process of filling my application form soo hope i can get in too this has been my dream lol anyway wish you all the best again.