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  1. "Known as 'hobby bobbies'"? Maybe by the person who wrote the article...
  2. My Specials intake included SC999.
  3. The RRS source makes it sound like they're going into battle against these trainees. I presume that's not actually the case?!
  4. Charging Suspects in Custody

    I've done it once before as a SC, having been the lead interviewer. It was the custody sergeant who prepared the charge sheet though, so I guess it would make sense for the custody staff to cut out the "middle man" as it were. I suspect that where you work there's a local SOP that determines whether it's the investigator or the custody staff who reads the charge, or maybe there is some legislation surrounding it?
  5. Another ambulance Walt

    I presume (also going from that article) that the only things they were able to pin on him in the event were driving around in a marked-up vehicle, sporting kit that resembles a paramedic's and claiming to be medically trained. Mind you, the article does mention one occasion on which he told someone he was a "registered paramedic". Was that enough in itself to warrant prosecution for that specific offence (technically I mean, rather than from a moral point of view)? Maybe yes, maybe no.
  6. Another ambulance Walt

    Did he explicity appropriate the title "paramedic" or simply act as if he was one? If the latter then it's a grey area as far as the HSWPO is concerned. (I'm also on the HCPC register but know of many people who legitimately practice the same profession as me without being registered, simply by adopting a non-protected title).
  7. Mental Health Act 1983 (Amendment)

    This sounds like a good compromise to me.
  8. Mental Health Act 1983 (Amendment)

    I can see the argument for that too - in fact it would, so I believe, bring us into line with some other countries whose police forces already have such a power. I have, though, also heard the counter-argument that police officers should have no 136 powers at all! An interesting debate, I think.
  9. Unlawful Detention

    I'm presuming that an unlawful detention by a security guard is one that doesn't meet the requirements laid down in S.24a PACE or R vs Howell (or any other 'any person' powers of arrest that I've forgotten to mention). If there's a discrete offence of unlawful detention with its own points to prove though then I stand corrected.
  10. Special Constabulary receive Queen's Award

    Well done, folks.
  11. Response Community Support Officer

    A couple of years ago, I went on a course on statement taking and there were some PCSOs on it too. I'm not sure whether they are routinely trained in statement taking though (the course that I was on being a one-off so far, although the idea of future ones has been floated), so I'll take your and Andituk's word for it. To me, it would make sense for PCSOs to be capable of taking statements.
  12. #Itswhatwedo

    Those are brown trouser moments indeed. In the knife scenario, I'd be wary about using CS as I wouldn't have an escape route if it goes wrong. In any case, unless I'd already drawn my spray or my baton he's going to be all over me before I could bring either to bear. So that leaves red button and tac comms, and in the event that that fails, trying to find something to send in his direction to give me the time and space to reach my kit and/or barge my way out (as an absolute last resort if he goes for me, make use of open hand techniques - chances are I wouldn't come out unscathed from that, but it would be better than not doing anything at all). Once I was no longer at such a tactical disadvantage, I could then work out what to do about my colleague. (Of course though, as Soap says - all this is fine in retrospect or as a spectator, but in that situation you're likely to go into fight/flight/freeze and do whatever comes into your head at the time.) If there is a next time, I'd make sure I updated the control room before entering the premises, and try to watch any occupants like a hawk until I was confident they were no longer a threat. But even then, it's hard to eliminate risk entirely as opposed to minimising it...
  13. Hero officer dies in house fire

    Sorry to hear about this. RIP
  14. Visiting friends/family in prison?

    I doubt that the prison visits in themselves would be a vetting concern. However, the fact that you have an association with somebody who's been involved in crime *may* be. That depends though on who the person concerned is, what he/she has done, the nature of your involvement with the person, and possibly even which force is doing the vetting.