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  1. ESIBS vs Dutysheet

    Our Force moved over to DutySheet two years ago from ESIBS. The transfer process was great and DutySheet did a lot of work for us to ensure we had a system that worked for us. Over the last 18 months DutySheet have spent lots of time/money developing the system and the new functions are great, does your force use a system called DMS, if so there is a new plugin being developed which will talk to the Force systems/DutySheet which is quite exciting!!! The expenses system is by far the best in my opinion for us and logging of hours and KPI's. Internal Messaging is a must and there are functions you can switch on and off. Overall the system is first class and easy to use, it is up to your Admin's what you have switched on and what permissions you give!
  2. PSU Level 2 Training

    Hi All, My force is currently looking at training SC's in Level 2 PSU, which is something we have talked about doing for some time and I know other Forces are ahead of the game here with PSU Level 2 Trained Staff. Couple of questions: 1) What Force are you in 2) Do you train SC's in Level 2 PSU 3) What is the length of the Level 2 PSU training (also is this done or weekends or weekdays). Thanks in advance, Steve
  3. Specials: How are they viewed?

    Hi Tudor1695, I can assure you if you are sucessful you will be respected in the Force, at present any avenue you would like to go the door is always open once you have completed your probation. I would be interested on where you want to be posted.
  4. Rank/ grade insignia 2015

    Gloucestershire has just changed the Rank and Insignia (of today) as follows: Constable, Special Constabulary - Constable, Surname, Number XXXX Sergeant, Special Constabulary - Sergeant, Surname, One Bar, Number XXXX Inspector, Special Constabulary - Inspector, Surname, Two Bars, Number XXXX Chief Inspector, Special Constabulary - First Name, Surname, Three Bars Chief Constable, Special Constabulary - First Name, Surname, Laurel Leaf, Four Bars This now matches the Regular Force, with the exeception of the Chevrons and Pips (See attached)
  5. Epaulettes and Names

    Hi All, Our Force is pressing ahead with a change in Epaulettes, which displays the Officers Surname. Just wondering if any other Forces do this, if so do you identify them as a Special Constable Smith, or Constable Smith. Thanks in advance for other Forces views.
  6. PCSO Driving & Vehicles Discussion

    My view is that PCSO's should have there own pool of vehicles marked up... What really gets on my nerves is when I turn up to duty to find no cars in the back yard and all the PCSO's using them.. What we can now do is call the PCSO in and drop them off and pickup later..
  7. Paying Specials

    My employer is really flexible... Basically whatever time I need off I can have. I.E. For National Specials Weekend I have the Friday off to plan and arrange our Operation and this Friday I have half a day off in the afternoon, alll paid by my company. I am aware however of some Specials in our Force area who are not very supportive of the Specials Roles etc...
  8. Paying Specials

    Well fair comment, I suppose not all Forces train people, we are quite lucky in our Force..
  9. Paying Specials

    I can only guess that Cuff is one of the Old "Anti Specials", thought most of them had gone.. Some Specials do do the same work as Regulars and Do get involved in the **** Paperwork as you put it and put in full files, this is without causing problems.. I agree that the majority of Specials do not do the work, but there a a few who put in the paperwork and hours and are infact more operationally effective than some Regulars, this has been stated in my Force more than once..