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  1. Reward and Recognition

    I am doing a bit of research on the topic of reward and recognition for special constables as a retention tool, and I am compiling a short report on this subject for my forces SC Steering Group. As well as contacting individual forces, I am keen to find out how individuals feel too. A questionnaire will be sent out to gauge the opinions of the special constabulary within my home force itself, but I wondered if anyone could help me by sharing your opinions, ideas and a little bit of information on reward and recognition schemes in your home forces. For example: Force or service (if you want to provide the force name)? Does your force reward and recognise the contribution made by the special constabulary? If so, how? How do you think forces could effectively reward or recognise the work of individual specials or teams? If anyone feels more comfortable sharing views by private message, then I completely understand. No names will be used in the report, and it is an internal document to help the SC Steering group of my force improve retention. Thanks
  2. So the APCC (association of police and crime commissioners) who are technically a ltd company want to get rid of ACPO which is technically a ltd company as they want things to be more local and less 'centralised' Well why do you need all these APCC national champions for certain topics or roles etc such as the APCC national champion for the SC if you want it all to be localised and less centralised? Hmmm
  3. Paying Specials

    Claiming for a meal is an expense set out by the home office's not up to the force whether you get it or not.
  4. Severed pig's head discovered on police patrol van

    No not at all... same as when I'm in the gents and there are people peeing that doesn't A&D me but it does when I see people doing it out in the street,
  5. Severed pig's head discovered on police patrol van

    I think it's disgusting, I'd feel alarmed and distressed if I saw that, even more so if I was one of the officers that returned to the van.
  6. Resigned Special Constable

    It's your life and your career, why should he have any say in it?
  7. Resigned Special Constable

    In regards to personal issue radios in my force, (they are being brought in next month I believe) I have had to do an audit report for each station across the force and work out which specials will need an airwave locker and charging point etc. This is to ensure that all personal issue radios for specials are being kept securely and charged within the station. All Radios should be secure with a pin code surely, all our pool sets do, and when our personal issue sets arrive this will mean individual officers can set their own pin for added security. I do believe that any officer taking his or her radio home could pose issues... as your home is not as secure as a police station (or shouldn't be more secure anyway). To answer the OP... I do not personally think this could be the end of your police career no. Stupid... yes, quite so, but if you were asked to resign or resigned before you were pushed then that does no guarantee there was any official action taken which could mean there is nothing on your personnel file in regards to this. Only one way to find out... ask your force as you are well within your right to do so.
  8. Certificate of Knowledge in Policing - The Bobby Tax?

    I have signed it, though I am not looking at joining as a regular... one of my friends has just completed the CKP and joined the Met after being a special on my team. He said the course was great as it really was a major step up in his training even after being a special with numerous years service and he has a law degree too. He said the course was worth doing, but he had to save for 12 months before being able to afford the course... if I wanted to apply I know I certainly couldn't afford to do so. I have a house to pay for.
  9. Section 27 Question

    It may not be on PNC but we record them on our intelligence system etc which is checked during vetting.
  10. Section 27 Question

    If you were arrested for breaching it then there would be a record of it. Otherwise you have been issued a notice, nothing more; there would be no record of cautions, convictions or charges etc. so the notice isn't relevant to the question. Though if you wanted to be safe rather than sorry then by all means declare it. As others have said... honesty is the best policy.
  11. Special Constabulary Hierarchy

    When it comes to the rank structure of the specials, yes it would be nice to have it consistent across England and Wales but it's not vital. Specials an regulars within their own forces should be able to identify each other and know who is who. Specials are very rarely used for mutual aide around my neck of the woods so having other forces being able to identify who is who isn't necessarily a priority. The ranks, titles and insignia are consistent across Wales though. Most forces or the old training schools used to have drill sergeants who would be in charge of drill and discipline for regs in training. Not sure if they still have them any more.
  12. Taser Used On Devon Special School Boy

    It sounds completely proportionate... the only thing I have a problem with is the journalists chosen headline of 'Special School Boy!'
  13. I always wanted to be a police officer ever since I was little. For children in need days at school I would always dress up as a copper, borrowing a spare set of my dads epaulettes etc. Couldn't see myself doing anything else. Then when I was 17 I was the victim of a homophobic assault which left me badly injured and requiring surgery. The offender was arrested, confessed, and was a repeat offender... And he was cautioned, it wasn't even taken to the cps for advice. I felt so let down by the people I wanted to join; so I decided in my 18th birthday to apply as a special and try to change things an to stop it happening to anyone else. I am now a hate crime support officer to support victims of hate and to advise the investigating officer on how to deal with a case in the best interests of the victim. ...oh and growing up watching The Bill had a lot to do with it!
  14. Badge Numbers

    May I ask why you would do that? (Just curious that's all)... As at 31 March 2013 there were 129,584 full-time equivalent (FTE) police officers in the 43 police forces of England and Wales. Source: So would you have all 129 thousand officers on your site eventually? As I am assuming there is a little bit on info on every officers hidden away on the internet or in public documents somewhere.
  15. Paying Specials

    This is nothing new though... the legislation that allows specials to be payed a bounty has been in place for years and some forces have used it and others haven't. Why is it only now that the daily mail have picked up on this then?