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  1. Advice for Plain Clothes Patrol

    For me it's to make sure that you know what you are doing it for, the aim etc. Once you reveal your identity to someone in certain areas, most people will know and you may as well be in uniform. For example, if you are tackling theft from/of motor vehicle, don't take alcohol of someone who is walking past drinking on the street! Hope this makes sense?
  2. Do any cadet forces get identification cards?

    Cadets in GMP don't get any ID cards. It isn't too much of an issue however as the weekly meetings are held at a school rather than any police premises.
  3. Emer button stories

    Only once have I ever considered using it when trying to detain a female and then being surrounded by her angry looking family making lots of noise. Luckily all bark no bite from the family! Shouting up on the radio asking for patrols on the hurry up did the job, saving the red button for when I really need it as well as freeing up the air to others who need it.
  4. Police Cadet Force Specific Websites

    Click here for Greater Manchester Police cadet scheme
  5. Toughest question you have been asked on duty?

    How much do you get paid?
  6. DofE and Police Cadets

    GMP offer the bronze DofE to cadets at the moment. It's a new scheme so the idea is probably to offer Silver and Gold in order to those who have done it for a while etc.
  7. Personal Tricks, Tips, and Rituals

    I disagree - I don't have a clue of my starsign
  8. Glasses or contact lenses?

    Will all forces give you prescription glasses? Could be quite handy to get some and leave them in my kit bag/locker!
  9. Accepted into police cadets for training :D

    Good luck Owen! GMP have started doing a cadet scheme pretty recently and I am a cadet leader (when I am home from uni anyway!). I always said if I went into the regs and gained a decent rank, I would try and set up a cadet scheme if there wasn't already one so the least I can do now is be a cadet leader! P.S. Awesome name!
  10. University Holidays

    I am a special and also at university (although not a met special) It has basically been said above. I don't have any issues maintaining uni work, social life and specials. I do majority of my hours in the university holidays and do every other or every third weekend. It's definitely the way forward if you are considering a career in the police or have just wanted to be a special. It's busy during term time but great for the holidays when you can spend your time specialing!
  11. Junior Paramedics (BBC)

    Was a good program and a change from the usual police programs. Not sure about the student paramedic who sat in the back of the ambulance alone with that woman who had passed out and the only thing she said was 'awkward silence'. Think someone needs to work on their people skills
  12. BBC News- Two guilty of Lee Rigby Murder

    Adebowale told he must spend a minimum of 45 years in prison. Should have both been full life sentences if you ask me! Edit: Sceptre beat me to the second one!
  13. BBC News- Two guilty of Lee Rigby Murder

    Michael Adebolajo told he must spend the rest of his life in prison. Now awaiting the sentence of the other.
  14. Is noise nuisance not a policing issue?

    I take it you mean you have reported it to Environmental Health at your council? The Environment Agency won't do much.. they are too busy with flooding!
  15. BBC;Child car smoking ban proposal before Lords

    I can see both points of view, but I don't think we need specific officers to target it. I work primarily with neighbourhood, but if someone drives past whilst on their mobile phone, they are getting a ticket. Much the same with this, every officer can enforce it and it doesn't have to be specific officers out for that offence.