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  1. SC and DV clearance

    That's mainly detailed towards defence contracts of all security levels and not just DV. I don't know where it says you can fast track DV in that link. Any way Im not going to argue with you.
  2. SC and DV clearance

    You can't fast track DV clearance. And it's not something you or your employer can buy or put you through. It's government related normally. Meaning government departments put you through it. Certain areas of the police require it, aswell as other departments such as intelligence agencies.
  3. When is a vehicle actually parked?

    I'm pretty sure the engine has to be off to be considered parked. The same goes for using a mobile phone in a vehicle. The engine has to be off and the vehicle has to be stationary I.E parked.
  4. Obstructing police?

    Ex--Special does can D&D only happen on a Saturday night then? ;-)
  5. Stealthy approach?

    There isn't a set way to respond to an incident, if you want to turn your sirens off so they don't hear you then do it. I went to a burglary in progress the other day, we didn't use our sirens and and we parked away from the house so they wouldnt see or hear our cars. We then sneaked round like ninjas, turned out to be a false alarm anyway.
  6. Police Ranks. -Meaning And Duties

    The higest rank I have worked with was a superintendent on an Op, driving round in a van. He was one of the most interesting and genuine people I have worked with in the police. And from that duty I gain a massive amount of respect for him, but on a normal day on my patch the highest rank you see on mobile patrol/foot patrol is inspector, unless there is an operation on and then cheif inspectors sometimes come out to play.
  7. Belt Vs Vest

    Going of topic for a few seconds, Lucas does that PCSO have a firearm in your little picture?
  8. Police zap dog in puppy attack with Taser gun

    I wouldnt imagine PAVA would have much of an effect on dogs as they have undeveloped tear ducts and fur that protects them from the spray.
  9. Yet again

    India also have a space program yet receive millions in aid from the UK. The country we live in has gone mad and needs to get its priorities right.
  10. A Nice Video (for once!)

    His girlfriend winds me up, the whole speech about how she is worried for those 2 police officers, that annoyed me!
  11. A Nice Video (for once!)

    I think this video was discussed on the forum during the wedding. Not sure of the link though.
  12. Other forces' opinions of BTP?

    I think he was refereeing to the fact that not all HO PCs and SCs know when they are dealing with a potential BTP incident. I have found BTP officers to do a great job, I have attended incidents where we have called on BTPs assistance and they have turned up and got on with the job just like any HO force and the members of the public didn’t notice the difference. The same goes for MOD police; we have a MOD site on my patch and called for their assistance sometimes when we are under resourced. We have used their dog unit before, BTP have also used our dog unit when they had nothing available.
  13. Very new MSC, Olympics?

    The underwater knife fighting course is fully booked, I have been trying to get on it for weeks!
  14. Army to Police

    A guy on my shift is an ex gunner in the air core, he then left and joined MOD Police and then transferred into a home office force. He is now looking at going into a fire arms position. So don't let your army background put you off, he is one of the best officers I have worked with.
  15. Covert gear

    I have done a few plain clothes ops, most of the time we only wear the covert equipment harnesses to carry radio, cuffs and asp etc. You can conceal that under almost any clothing so its pretty good. When I have done warrents in plain clothes we sometimes wear body armour under our jackets etc depending on the intelligence.