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  1. I've badged out on three occasions - in each case I thought about whether I should or not. Don't go diving in without having assessing the situation. Occasion 1) Whilst at the supermarket on the way home (neighbouring force area) - heard raised voices from the next aisle. Couple of teenage lads who had been asked to leave by 2 security guards and the store manager. They had reached a bit of a stalemate, I don't think the security guards wanted to go hands on to remove them but the lads were getting quite verbally aggressive. I discreetly went up to the manager and showed him my badge and asked if they would like some help. He said "yes please". I identified myself to the security guards and lads. Reasoned with them, they calmed down and they agreed to leave, got thanks from the guards. Finished my shopping! Occasion 2) Whilst waiting for a bus at the train station, a couple of boys (no older than about 13) went past in a trolley. Didn't intervene (boys will be boys...), however I heard a woman asking if they should be doing that to the lads and they swore at her. I wasn't having that, so I caught them up and badged out. Both were very sheepish, I gave them a right good telling off. Woman was very happy that I stepped in. Occasion 3) Whilst well away from my force area (London!) - saw a moped rider being knocked off by a car. Stopped my car and assisted with first aid and calling for police. Met turned up within a few minutes and took over from there.
  2. Getting dragged across the ground by a chap who wasn't coming along quietly. Kept hold of him whilst my colleague got a better grip of him. Ended up with a large cut on my hand, bashed my left knee badly off the tarmac, scraped open my chin and caused impressive scratches on my radio and baton. I was a right sight when I went on holiday with the other half who was none too happy at the state I was in! Got a whopping £50 from the courts for my troubles. Knee sometime still gives a few minor issues - locks sometimes or gives a twinge of pain. Everything else healed nicely.
  3. From training I recently had, the commencement date is the 20th October 2014 for most parts of the act, but one part (I think Civil Injunctions?) is delayed until January 2015.
  4. Listen carefully to what officers ask and don't assume that Specials don't know what they're talking about. Recently I had the following conversation with a controller after going to a neighbouring county to collect a prisoner and transport him to a custody facility in the north of my county. The custody suite in our patch was closed (which I knew about as it was at the station I parade from). Me: "Control from callsign, I'm currently transporting a DP for serial 123 of today's date. Can you just check if the custody facility are aware we've got an adult male DP en route to them?" Control: "Patrol you are aware that your custody suite is closed and you'll have to transport to (gives a list of locations)? And are they aware?" Me (confused look to crewmate): "Control, not what I asked, I am aware that our custody suite is closed, can you check if the custody facility are aware we've got an adult male DP en route to them?" Having had this controller before she gives the impression that most Specials are a bit thick. The rest of the controllers on our channel are mostly great, with a few excellent ones. The excellent ones on our channel are either retired regulars or serving Specials.
  5. How do you identify yourself as a constable if you don't have your warrant card with you off duty? Our force (and most others I think) require officers to carry their warrant card at all times (within reason obviously - as others have said, going out on the lash wouldn't be the best idea).
  6. So if I go to a shop, buy an item and they don't give me a receipt (or I throw it away) I'm a shoplifter, or being difficult? You are not required by law to produce a receipt. The staff would have to have seen you taking an item in order to carry out an any person arrest or have "reasonable grounds" (such as acting suspiciously). I can't see how (in this case and with the information provided) they could justify an any person arrest (which if you're being prevented from leaving a shop it certainly is). I also can't see how the person was being difficult, the member of staff at the door could have gone and fetched the manager, it's not up to the gentlemen in question to do that. On the flip side, the police were correct here, in as much as if one party makes an allegation and the other party makes an allegation and both parties wish to pursue the complaint then both sides would probably need arresting.
  7. (source) So yes, you swear allegiance to the Queen, but she is the representative of the Crown and as a Crown Servant you are "automatically" sworn to the next monarch.
  8. You wouldn't have to re-affirm your oath as you have pledged your allegiance to the Crown - the Queen is the current personification of the Crown, that's why it is her you refer to in the oath. When Prince Charles becomes King then you are still sworn to serve the Crown. New recruits would swear to serve the King though. As for the badges, I would imagine it would only affect forces with EIIR on their badge, which I think is just the Met (might be wrong on that?).
  9. The Police Federation is effectively an internal trade union. If you look at the example of most actual trade unions there isn't a "one size fits all" subscription. The union I'm a member of take a full subscription from a full timer (like me). If you're part time (0.5FTE or below) then you pay a reduced fee which is about half of the normal sub. So in this case I'd say, Specials do a minimum of 16 hours per month, regs about 150 hours per month, so set it at about 20% and then that would be fair.
  10. The thing that annoys me is the lack of statistical analysis applied. First of all the stats on the One Show were when a Taser has "been used" - i.e. it may not have been fired, it may have just been removed from the holster and a use of force form filled in. Also, "use of Taser has increased dramatically since 2008" - well I'd hope so as we started off with zero officers in 2008 and significantly more have been trained in the last few years. A better analysis would have been let's look at the number of trained officers vs when Taser has been fired. I would suggest that those figures would not show a "dramatic" increase, but then that might not suit the tone of the report....
  11. I thought the police working with private bailiffs was a bit wrong to be frank. A motorist has to pull over if the police direct them to (and I'm assuming they do document checks etc). Fair enough. But to then allow a private company representative (which is essentially what a debt collection agency is) to come over after you've done the checks and (as I saw on the episode last night) to run over with a clamp before the driver gets a chance to drive off? Seems a bit wrong to me! Also I'd hope the police force (think it was the Met?) aren't sharing information with the debt collection agency - or worse are pulling vehicles only for not having paid a parking ticket.
  12. Disappointing to see some posters talking about "manning up". In this day and age it's not acceptable to shout and/or swear at a colleague, especially if it's someone you're managing. Neither is it acceptable to do a "telling off" in public - speak to them privately. If you're the manager you can get your point across without resorting to either of these methods - being a disciplined service doesn't mean you can do what you want as a more senior officer. In the situation posted by the original poster I'd be inclined to speak to the Inspector's line manager as a first port of call, keep it informal but ensure it is logged.
  13. Heard it used a couple of times whilst I was on duty. First time I was on patrol in a car with another Special. We were near the Police Station when we heard That Sound along with a very panicked sounding female PC going "he's been hit, blood coming from ear and unconscious, urgent assistance (location)". We made towards. Got there to see all of the shift there, the shift Sgt asked me and the other Special to cordon off the road. What had happened was that en-route to another job the police carrier saw a fight outside a takeaway. One of the male PCs had attempted to go hands on with one of the offenders who then punched the side of his head causing a fractured skull to the male PC. The rest of the carrier managed to subdue the male and he was promptly arrested. The PC mostly recovered but still gets headaches from time to time. The other time was when I was just about to book off duty. My crewmate (another Special) had already booked off and gone home. I was in the station by myself (the rest of the shift out at jobs) when a firearms car shouted up for a breathbox. Nobody else available so I offered to go out and drop it off to them. Hopped into the car and was a few minutes making my way across to them. I had heard a double crewed car going out to a fight at a village pub about 6 miles away from our town. They had arrived on scene. A minute later I heard That Sound along with "Get Back! Assistance please (location)". Started making towards (with a list of callsigns responding on the radio), but was called off halfway there once some units had arrived. Basically one chap wasn't happy he was being arrested and had started to kick off with the two officers and was a bit of a handful. I've used the red button once. I was on patrol with another Special and had previously attended a job where 30 lads had been in the street squaring up. That had been sorted but there were still a few people milling about. We hear the sound of breaking glass just up the road, and I notice 2 officers (one SC and one PC) standing with a group of girls. There's a broken bottle in the road and three drunk girls. One girl has a little cut to her head. The PC offers to get her an ambulance - apparently they've already phoned an ambulance and because the ambulance didn't turn up within 30 seconds they were abusive to the ambulance controller. We check the injury and it's a very minor cut. The girls say they're going to take a taxi home. We stand with the girls while we wait for the taxi to turn up, given the fact there are still a lot of hyped up lads hanging about. A big drunk muscly guy who had caused us hassle earlier on comes past, swearing, along with some of the youths from earlier on who were fighting. He's given a warning. He then attempts to woo the girls, they're not impressed and tell him where to go. He doesn't take this well and starts swearing again. The PC says "go away and stop swearing". The man gets more irate and refuses to move. He has a sober mate who passes by in a car and attempts to take him away. He then tells him to get the f off him and starts swinging his arms about. With this the PC, my crewmate and the other SC go hands on and attempt to handcuff him. He immediately starts resisting and the PC presses the red button. He couldn't get the location out as the guy was kicking off so I press mine and shout the location twice. As I'm doing this some of the youths are attempting to interfere with the arrest so I start pushing them away. A couple of other patrols turn up quickly and we all start moving the youths away and helping get the drunk guy into a car. I ask patrols to slow down but still make the area as we have a crowd. A few other patrols turn up as well as the duty inspector. Interesting night!
  14. I'm usually pretty good at holding my tongue. If I do lose my cool it's for a reason and it often has an effect. I once attended an ASB job where the complainant said that he had been threatened by his neighbour. He said "he's a drunken Scottish b*tard, like all of them". Being Scottish myself I went "I'm Scottish and if you're going to make comments like that about people from my country then I think I won't be staying to deal with complaint." He then went all apologetic - I didn't raise my voice but I was definitely not happy! Other time was when some kids were giving us the run around. Managed to get some of them in a classic pincer movement - me at one end of an alley, my colleague at another. Since we'd been chasing them around for about 30 mins, I was a tad irate so they got a right telling off from me - they slunk off at the end of it. So my point? A bit of grumpyness is OK - just be careful you don't cross the line between righteous anger and losing it totally!
  15. 406.25 hours but that's including 92.5 hours of "Management Activity" and 34.75 hours of "Admin". Still not bad though!