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  1. Waddle has left the forum!

  2. My Hep B jabs were one of the few things my force was willing to pay for, they referred to me to one of two hospitals however. Anywhere else I would have had to pay for them. I would have probably paid for it however as you never know when you may need the protection.
  3. Blah Blah Blah!

  4. Thats why we have shoulder numbers, that is all the public needs!
  5. It would be interesting to see if the issueing of Taser to the SC in Staffs works, would it necessarily mean all forces take it up though?
  6. Lest we forget!
  7. These days overtime is scarce anyway, there has always been a "thanks for coming in" where I am. You may be right about "policing on the cheap" though...but that's not something that can be resolved locally
  8. Could always just say "Constable", which we are and it cuts out any confusion with the public, the "Special" part is irrelavant in most situations in my opinion!
  9. We don't have any identifiable markings in Herts, unless you know the shoulder number system we are indistinguishable from the regulars. Being called a Hobby Bobby doesn't bother me though, its when people mistake me for a PCSO when I say I am a Special that bugs me a bit!
  10. Is this about maturity or is it just about being ready? Some people are just not ready for this or other similar roles....no matter what their age! Perhaps some will never be ready!
  11. The custodian is iconic, it symbolises the British Bobby!
  12. Found this as I'm bored..... Let us start by defining the terms ‘expert’ and ‘expert witness’. An expert can be anyone with knowledge of or experience in a particular field or discipline beyond that to be expected of a layman. An expert witness is an expert who makes this knowledge and experience available to a court (or other judicial or quasi-judicial bodies, e.g. tribunals, arbitrations, official enquiries, etc.) to help it understand the issues in a case and thereby reach a sound and just decision Moreover, an expert witness is paid for the time it takes to: •form an opinion and, where necessary, •support that opinion during the course of litigation. An expert witness is not paid for the opinion given, and still less for the assistance that opinion affords the client’s case. It’s very important to keep these definitions clear and in focus. If you stray from acting as an expert witness into advising the client – and thus become an expert advisor – your immunity from suit will be removed. You must remain aware of the distinction at all times, and move into the role of expert advisor in full knowledge of the legal consequences. We’ll look more closely at this issue later on (see page 19). http://www.ewi.org.uk/membership_directory/whatisanexpertwitness