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  1. Driving a MOP's vehicle on duty

    MPS Policy says advanced, but response can do it with BOCU supervisors permission. The only exception is RTPC traffic officers. Their response drivers have standing authority to move vehicles without speaking to supervisor. Only authorised to drive vehicles for which your licence has full categories.
  2. Madonna in a fake police car?

    Red to the front is illegal. The other colours would be an issue if they flash except yellow/Amber as they could be warning lamps, but you would need to see the vehicle to give a clear answer.
  3. How are Met Training training this? I was taught that security office for S1 search is no, because it is restricted to staff only.
  4. Some NCALT packages are force specific and cannot be viewed unless you are within that force.
  5. Transferring police courses between forces

    Hendon manage to stretch it out to a whole day.
  6. Blue Lights on private vehicles

    What special exemptions? The vehicle is being used for police purposes. Providing the service concerned is satisfied that they are competent, they don't get any special exemptions just because they are police staff.
  7. Places you've been, things you've done

    Driving so many different vehicles from a whole range of prestige cars, stretched limousines and buses to tankers and artics.
  8. Indeed. If she was any good she'd have made DCI in 5 years.
  9. Rear Red Lights

    Correct Alternating/flashing red lights are not warning beacons or special warning lamps as you have correctly managed to work out. Direction indicators are the orange flashy things generally found on all four corners of a vehicle (some vehicles have mandatory repeater lamps on the sides and some voluntarily integrate them into wing mirrors). In this country, red lamps fitted to a vehicle for the purpose of position, brakes and fog are not direction indicators and do not "kinda fit here". Correct. The dispensation is for Police and HATO.
  10. I never said I was an expert, but I am trained to ride solos as a response rider and escort vehicles and therefore have experience in these areas.
  11. It doesn't cause any problems. If it did we would speak to the manufacturer. You'll be surprised.
  12. No they don't. They might do on the advanced bike course, but race track riding is a quick method to get suspended. They do? Are you a job rider? I am and I've not noticed an unsettling on the bike that could be attributed to a siren. As already discussed, no sirens on SEG bikes. The newer BMW R12's (12MY) have an integrated siren and horn (twin sirens).
  13. search warrant

    I suggest you take it up with the force concerned or the court issuing the warrant. Sadly we are not a drop in for legal advice for matters that are ongoing.