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  1. The Home Office said it had no plan to change the law regarding protests Attempts to ban repeated marches by far right groups in Rotherham have been rejected by the Home Office. South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner wanted a change in the law to ban marches on grounds including frequency, cost and community impact. Since 2012, 16 protests have been held, the majority organized by far right groups such as the EDL and Britain First, at a cost of £4m. The Home Office said it had no current plans to change the law. The panel's request was raised in a report sent to the Home Office in November 2015. To date the only response received is a letter acknowledging receipt of the report stating the Home Office will "use the information as part of our ongoing monitoring of public order powers". 'Under the cosh' South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings said the he was "sorry" the Home Office did not accept the panel's recommendations. He said an application to ban a march would only have been sought in "very particular circumstances". "We accept that people have a right to protest [but] on the other hand there's something cynical about the way these people in Rotherham, the far right, keep coming month after month same issues, making no progress, costing us a lot of money, disrupting business in the town centre, upsetting communities," he said. Image caption There have been 16 protests in Rotherham since October 2012 "When you get a town like Rotherham which is under the cosh time after time there surely has to be some other way of dealing with it. "So we said could we have the right to ban them and the Home Office have clearly said no." A planned protest by members of the EDL is due to take place on 25 February. March organiser Ian Crossland told BBC Radio Sheffield: "We're not doing it for our benefit, we are doing it to highlight the situation [of Children Sexual Abuse in Rotherham]. "I apologise if [businesses] are losing money but I've arranged this march to completely avoid Rotherham town centre."
  2. Family of Jean Charles de Menezes slam Cressida Dick's appointment as Met Police commissioner The new commissioner was involved in the fatal shooting of the innocent Brazilian in 2005 The family of Jean Charles de Menezes have slammed Cressida Dick’s appointment as the Met’s new commissioner – claiming it’s proof that “police officers can act with impunity”.
  3. Craig Keane, 28, pleaded guilty to nine counts of sexual assault on a child aged under 13.
  4. PC Declan Gabriel, pictured right, spent the majority of two hours with a 17-year-old girl, it is claimed A police constable has appeared in court accused of raping a 17-year-old girl while on duty. PC Declan Gabriel, 28, is also accused of two counts of sexual assault and misconduct in public office. A jury at Northampton Crown Court heard he forced the girl into an oral sex act in Northampton on 21 September, 2015. PC Gabriel denies all the charges, claiming the teenager sexually assaulted him. Image copyright Google Image caption PC Declan Gabriel is accused of raping a teenage girl at Northampton Crematorium The court was told the Northamptonshire Police officer was on duty in a single-crewed vehicle when he attended an incident in Hunsbury, Northampton, in the early hours. Prosecutor Matthew Lowe said the alleged victim had been thrown out of home by her mother and spent two hours with PC Gabriel, apparently in an attempt to find her somewhere to stay. Mr Lowe said PC Gabriel "turned the conversation to sexual matters" and "bragged" of having slept with someone 10 minutes after meeting her. He said PC Gabriel tried to contact one of the girl's friends using his phone, but received no answer. 'Lay-by' After stopping at Mereway Police Station to leave the girl's mobile phone on charge, they drove to the friends' address but did not stop as no lights were on. Instead, the jury heard, PC Gabriel pulled into a lorry lay-by and sexually assaulted her. They drove back to her friends' house, but again left with no attempt to knock on the door before driving to Northampton Crematorium. PC Gabriel is alleged to have sexually assaulted her again, before forcing her to perform an oral sex act. 'Freaked out' When interviewed by police, the girl said she had "felt freaked out". PC Gabriel said the girl had sexually assaulted him at the crematorium while he was adjusting his underwear, something Mr Lowe called "a fanciful, ludicrous account". The case continues.
  5. Five teenage boys have been arrested by anti-terror officers after police foiled their plans to travel together to join a terrorist “organisation”.
  6. Local police commander Supt Gez Chiariello, 46, is alleged to have breached of standards are in relation to authority, respect and courtesy A police commander has been suspended over allegations of gross misconduct. Milton Keynes police boss Supt Gez Chiariello is alleged to have breached standards in relation to authority, respect and courtesy. The 46-year-old joined Thames Valley Police in 2007 and became the town's area commander in 2014. He has been suspended from duty with immediate effect. Acting Supt Vince Grey has been appointed to fill his role. A date is yet to be scheduled for the misconduct hearing. Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell said: "Thames Valley Police's professional standards department is currently investigating allegations of misconduct into Supt Gez Chiariello. "The facts will be heard by a panel, chaired by a legally qualified independent chairperson, who will determine if there is a case to answer for gross misconduct and if there is, the appropriate sanction to be applied."
  7. The tunnel approach to Terminals 2 and 3 and the M4 spur road was closed The main approach tunnel to Heathrow Airport was blocked by protesters objecting to plans for a third runway. Three cars were parked across the road, with protesters chaining themselves to one of the vehicles at about 08:30 GMT. The tunnel, which accesses Terminals 2 and 3, was shut for more than two hours while the M4 spur road was also temporarily closed. Five people have been arrested on suspicion of obstructing a highway, the Metropolitan Police said. One of the protesters who was chained to the vehicle was taken to hospital as a precaution. The disruption caused widespread delays, as traffic was diverted to the outbound tunnel at the airport. A spokesman for the Rising Up campaign group said it was protesting against the impact a proposed third runway could have on climate change and the local area. Heathrow Airport said: "Heathrow supports the right to peaceful protest within the law, but the safety and security of our passengers, aircraft and colleagues together with the smooth running of the operation is paramount." Campaign group Back Heathrow said the actions of the protesters were "selfish, short-sighted and counter-productive".
  8. THIS is the moment a brazen squatter attempted to steal a huge bag of cannabis seized from a drugs “factory” just yards from Buckingham Palace.
  9. A misconduct hearing into the conduct of PCs David Stamp, Hugh Flanagan and Caroline Irwin will run until 3 March Three police officers have been accused of misconduct after failing to shut an icy road before a fatal accident. Response officers PCs David Stamp, Hugh Flanagan and Caroline Irwin face a series of alleged professional standard breaches in relation to the incident in March 2014. The trio had attended the scene of a car crash caused by ice on the A413 in Buckinghamshire, but are accused of failing to take appropriate action. A misconduct hearing started on Monday. At 04:52 GMT on 4 March 2014, driver Martin Kendall phoned Thames Valley Police to report he had crashed his car on the A413 between Wendover and Great Missenden. PC Stamp, based at Amersham Police Station, was joined at the scene by his colleagues. Alleged breaches faced by the officers: Failed to prevent anyone travelling on the A413 from suffering harm or address the risk posed by the ice Did not carry out a sufficient investigation into Mr Kendall's accident Left the scene of the accident when they should have remained Failed to warn road users of the hazard, to request other officers attend the scene or bring appropriate warning signs Left the scene without making sure the carriageway was safe Having found the carriageway needed gritting, failed to insist the controller contacted the Highways Agency It is alleged the officers left the scene at about 05:26 after concluding the accident had been caused by ice. Shortly before 05:54 there was a fatal crash very close to the location of Mr Kendall's accident, again allegedly caused by ice. The public hearing, taking place in Newbury, is set to run until 3 March.
  10. A drug dealer tried to run over a policeman to avoid arrest and drove around 70 metres with the officer on his bonnet.
  11. A senior Met detective deliberately breached guidelines in a botched attempt to convict three men for a notorious axe murder 30 years ago, a Judge ruled today.
  12. The so-called T-charge will see the owners of older, more polluting cars face an extra £10 fee for entering the congestion charge zone Older, dirtier cars will have to pay an additional charge to drive in central London from 23 October, the Mayor of London has announced. The so-called T-Charge will see the owners of older, more polluting cars face an extra £10 fee for entering the congestion charge zone. City Hall estimate that up to 10,000 vehicles every weekday will be liable for the new emissions levy. Critics said its impact on reducing pollution will be "negligible". Under the proposals, the owners of diesel and petrol vehicles manufactured before 2005 that do not meet Euro 4 emissions standards for nitrogen oxide (NO2) and particulates will be required to pay. A free online vehicle checker on the Transport for London website has also been launched to allow drivers to check whether their vehicle will be affected by the "Toxicity charge". Image copyright Associated Press The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: "It's staggering that we live in a city where the air is so toxic that many of our children are growing up with lung problems." "The T-Charge is a vital step in tackling the dirtiest diesels" he added. The mayor has also called on the government to put in place a national diesel scrappage scheme to help people replace vehicles affected by his plans. City Hall said its research showed people living in London's most deprived communities, often by busy roads, are on average exposed to 25% higher levels of harmful NO2 pollution. Conservative London Assembly environment spokesman, Shaun Bailey, said Transport for London's (TfL) consultation showed the T-Charge will affect just 7% of vehicles entering the Congestion Charge zone. "Under assessment by his own people, the mayor's flagship air pollution policy is predicted to have only a 'negligible' impact on air quality, reducing poisonous NOx gasses by just 1-3%," Mr Bailey said.
  13. In the interview with the Met Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, in this paper today, he warned that as a result of changes and cuts to government spending, there could be swingeing cuts in police numbers — by perhaps thousands rather than hundreds. Some of the cuts — which City Hall estimates at up to £700 million — are to redistribute funding to the regions, but as Sir Bernard points out, this ignores London’s unique problems. Crucially, as he says, London’s population is increasing as a result of migration — by a million in the past decade — and in parts of the capital a high birth rate means that there are large numbers of young men, the group that statistically accounts for most crime.
  14. Scotland Yard will be forced to introduce NHS style “rationing” of its services to the public and cut thousands of police officers unless the threat of swingeing government spending cuts is lifted, the Met Commissioner warned today.
  15. This was the moment a gunman opened fire on a gang of men in broad daylight on a south London street. The dramatic CCTV shows a woman walking along the pavement in Clapham, seconds before a man charges into the road and begins shooting.