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  1. Asp's

    I trust @Beaker has submitted the appropriate injury at work form - those batons sound evil
  2. In my force (never been a special) this is what the specials I have worked with have always said. I've made the effort and we've got some cracking officers out of it. One said being referred to as 'the special' made him feel unwanted, being called by his name made him want to stay.
  3. Can a member of the public own a Motorola MTH800

    The devices themselves are fine to own, however the ones which affiliate with Airwave will have encryted (TEA2) codeplugs. The ones used by London Underground and other organisations on their own TETRA network (which are few and far between in the UK) will have 'Clear' firmware on them, and a label on the back with the word 'Clear' on it. The Airwave TEA2 encryption key is protected, and any surplus Airwave sets from police, fire and ambo will have the boards destroyed to remove the encryption key. In any case the key changes every 2 weeks and is pushed to the devices, meaning if someone did manage to get a set and decode the key, it would take so many hours to decode the key would've changed many many times! Also when a TEI/ISSI affiliates with the network it allows access to certain talkgroups as a user, as mentioned above this can be seen in a control room (and on a particular application) and any 'iffy' ISSI numbers can be challenged/stunned and even remotely shorted out if need be. They operate at 1W, and are well outside of the PMR446 frequencies (also they have removable antennae) - in direct mode they work within line of sight, and the range is pretty poor - you'd be far better off with a cheaper analog setup and a licence than buying some TETRA sets! A separate note is the use of TETRA devices without the appropriate licence - this is an offence in its own right, @Rocket will be a better authority than me on that front.
  4. Specials in BTP can drive police vehicles on general patrol, response, they could if already qualified drive the ERU police-fire engines. The issue is getting a course for specials, us regulars are all waiting for them but we're reorganising driver training to bring it in house.
  5. Asp's

    True enough - I've worked for BTP for 4 and a half years, I've only ever known one baton fail and it was a TCH camlock baton, these were all then recalled and replaced with Monadnocks. If the ballbearings drop out of the cam shaft the batons will fail, no doubt said PC was unscrewing the hindicap without following the correct steps
  6. Asp's

    Crikey, glad I'm in BTP and get a quality Autolock (never failed me!)
  7. Asp's

    General consensus is the ASPs were good, the Monadnock/Cascos were okay and new one is pants
  8. Section 50 Police Reform Act

    The filming in and of itself wouldn't be, however there could be a case for behaviour likely to cause Harassment, Alarm or Distress, particularly if a person is being treated. Would it go the distance at court, and is it worth it? No. I completely agree with photographers having the right to film what they wish in public, photography is not a crime. However there is such a thing as taste, and I think any decent human being would leave an emergency crew to treat a patient without recording it. This is where the law cannot accommodate for human decency in every step.
  9. Dearresting after citizens arrest

    You know what's funny, there's a whole debate about this over on Police Community, that's not in the spirit of PACE! http://police.community/topic/94724-s24a-pace-1984-and-procedure/?page=1
  10. Pocket Notebook Queries

    Are you not issued a holder? Ours come with a plastic PVC cover you slip over the outside and a leather flap/holder for it. It's allowed, just don't attach anything to the book itself (as the cover is needed for files etc) - if you can get a holder if you don't have one, they're only cheap - Police Mutual used to give them away for free on their site!
  11. Current PCSO's on PS.com

    That is awful.
  12. Emergency services 'fantasist' put lives at risk court hears

    I'm due in court soon with a delusional chap who walted as a soldier - he believes he's a soldier - maybe this chap feels wronged and sort of believes his own rubbish too?
  13. Shift work and house shares

    Look at getting your own place? Use the showers at the nick?
  14. Places you've been, things you've done

    Damn it - I'm not the only one!
  15. Definitive Event Policing

    Not for long - BTP has reviewed the RSAS uniforms of a few TOCs