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  1. Declare your a Special on your car insurance!

    I use Police Mutual - cheaper than IAM Surety who I use to use and they were the cheapest (if you are an IAM driver and qualify). Also comes with the huge bonus of being able to pay monthly with no added costs.
  2. I would be inclined to phone in and to say you are a Police Officer - most times I have done so is with Road Traffic stuff - describing a scene in the opposite carriageway on a motorway for example can be helpful to those attending. I would be very reluctant to step in in most situations unless there was a real need. Only once have I declared myself as a Police Officer and I didn't have my warrant card with me. It was during a sustained cold spell in a rural area when a bunch of kids were snowballing people coming out of a shop including kids and the infirm. The snow balls were more ice than snow and actually had the risk of posing a real risk of injury and was fairly aggressive. The only reason I declared myself as a Police officer was to protect myself - going over to deal with the kids in civvies with a big woolly hat on is something in this day and age makes me feel uncomfortable! By stating I was a Police Officer a couple of members of the public came to assist and the group of kids were moved on. A bit of a bizarre one I know but that's the way it was!
  3. Drink driver goes home for a tipple

    Had such a scenario. Long story short: the driver was banned.
  4. Special Teachers

    If it were me I wouldn't be telling anyone but the school management.
  5. The application process for Constable should be the same for everyone - whether Regular or Special. The idea that there should be different entry levels makes no sense at all. Those who don't make the grade as PC should never be offered the Specials as an alternative. That would be a start. Thereafter there remains a degree of risk and as has been pointed out some Regulars have been involved in some undesirable activity too - Specials do not have a monopoly on this.
  6. So much is relative. I joined in my 40s and could do substantially more press ups than those almost half my age in training. Fitness need not be a barrier! Coupled with that you'll have a shed load of life experience to draw on. If you are up for it - which clearly you are - then go for it!
  7. Smart watches and driving

    Construction and Use regs - not having proper control of a vehicle or a clear view ahead. Used to be used for mobile phone offences before the law was implement 10 years ago to create a doecofic offence. If the driving was inhibited no more than an in car system it may not suffice however if control was impaired then it would fit the bill.
  8. Paying Specials

    Totally agree. With some canny thinking it can be retained and continue to be an asset in retention.
  9. Some people clearly have too much time on their hands. I don't the spare 18 mind to watch all this let alone the significant time it must take to make it. Did get to watch the 'intimidating' pacing which was hilarious. Like something out of Monty Python. Except they think the whole thing is serious. Edit: just caught the last video (post above) which is brilliant! Excellently handled.
  10. Authenticity of a "cops vs robbers" party

    Can't believe that this has been asked! Go as the criminal or go as a parody cop. I was going to suggest a NYPD cop but we might get asked about replica guns.
  11. Set Papers

    You used to be able to get them from Amazon. It was a set of three unofficial ones but good for practice. Not sure if they still do them.
  12. Car tax disc to be axed after 93 years

    Can't agree with this move - either we should retain it or do away with it altogether rather than the proposed half way house. I shall explain. The current system gives a visual method of verifying that insurance and MOT are, at least in theory, in place. The absence of the valid disc means they possibly aren't and it is a way of detecting possible offences and yes it does happen because, yes, some still walk the beat! It's not all about ANPR (if you have it) or vehicle checks. In fact in you need to do either then the VED is pointless. In fact it is worse than pointless it is an expensive irrelevance. If you remove the benefit of the disc being a way of determining the validity of MOT and insurance the it serves only to fulfil its other function which is as an environmental tax - and there are far more efficient ways if dealing with that. So if we have to do checks via radio or ANPR for everything we might as well ditch the VED and the environmental tax be added to the purchase price of a new car based on its efficiency and environmental credentials and/or add a small amount to the fuel tax. As a saving we would do away with an expensive and complex system which no longer, it seems, serves much purpose.
  13. Scottish independence: Ex-police chiefs clash over security

    Depends if you subscribe to the view that if Scotland gets independence that England will sever all links and share nothing. It's not a view I subscribe too when cooperation provides so many advantages. (null)
  14. Scottish independence: Ex-police chiefs clash over security

    This sort of Intelligence is not a Scotland/UK matter it is a global matter. You only need to look at today's papers to realise it is tangled global affair. . Scotland can, if it chooses, work it without being in the UK in the same way that the UK currently works it without being part of the US or EU. This sort if thing doesn't help the independence debate which makes the UK to be something it isn't - i.e. autonomous. We need to work with multiple nations and indeed much if our structures ( new nuclear power station anyone?) are foreign owned.
  15. The problem with any part time role is just that - you are there only part of the time. In our case that may be a day a week - or less. And this means we don't have the regularity of experience. The result of that is that it may be many weeks or months between one type of policing event and another similar event (e.g, statement/traffic ticket/ procedure) and so your skills fade. If you specialise then great - I do a lot of traffic and so traffic matters are well practised and rehearsed but there are other things I do so infrequently that it is like starting afresh each time. And even the things I do frequently I have to remind myself about because I am not doing them on a daily basis! Personally I think to get the most out and to put a decent amount in a day a week is good. But a lot of people can't mange that. In fact I would say a substantial number can't. The 80 hours a month brigade are a minority. The main thing is to recognise that skills fade and what you can fo may be influenced by the regularity of experience - and here focusing on one or two areas can help ( although trying to specialise has to fit in with the policing need!) If you do what you can manage, do the best you can and recognise your abilities and limitations you won't go far wrong! As we are all individuals what that minimum level is for each if us will vary - you'll know what is for you!