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  1. Shift Changes

    Ben, have a look at this... http://www.lancashirepolfed.org.uk/what/faqs.htm#20 Assuming exigencies apply (and it has a slightly different interpretation to what I have seen before), then they can change you as long as you are warned at the latest the day before.
  2. Shift Changes

    You must have two days rest in any 14 day period I believe... although those days of rest can be at either end of that period.... you might be able argue that one if it now means you are working more days before a break.
  3. Shift Changes

    Looks like it was the Olympic Hotline.... have you tried it anyway?
  4. Shift Changes

    I'm not sure to be honest Ben... but I have definitely noted a move to just changing individual shifts around on a whim... usually to satisfy BHH's lust for Big Bird Of Prey days! I won't email our Fed reps... I think you would be better of calling the Fed hotline... I found them quite helpful.... The eleven hour thing is quite clear though.... so always insist on that unless exigencies apply.
  5. Winsor Report - Part 2

    I think I'd have to make a fair few assumptions.... and perhaps focus on NPPS first as it is the simpler scheme to compare against.... If I get time tomorrow I'll have a stab at it.
  6. Winsor Report - Part 2

    Hi all... just wondered if anyone has tried putting together their own spreadsheet (CmdKeen perhaps)... that better illustrates the losses/benefits... I personally think the Home Office calculator is unclear... deliberately so.... I want to see a comparison of what I could have got and what I will now get... also taking into account increased contributions... I might have a go at this tomorrow... but don't want to re-invent the wheel if anyone else has already done it.
  7. Winsor Report - Part 2

    On the PO thread there is this link... https://www.policeconstables.org/news/a-message-from-the-chairs Unbelievable that they can't even communicate with us... sign up now...
  8. Winsor Report - Part 2

    Labour did a lot of wrongs during their administration... we know that... the Tories keep reminding us of that... but the Tories if anything more so than ever are on a mission of social re-enginereering in their favour. It all about the haves and the have not's, seen and not be heard, know your place, have greed will prosper! The Tories run down public services in the 80's to then sell them off, they also introduced a internal market and PFI into the NHS (which is really suffering now because of it). I was foolish enough to think policing would be immune.
  9. Winsor Report - Part 2

    As expected we have been well and truly shafted... only the few with less that ten to go etc. are saved the execution. I wish I had never joined four years ago.... and I want this government to rot in hell... with the previous squandering government.
  10. Winsor Report - Part 2

    Indeed.... no one has an automatic right to anything.... even the good old HRA has plenty of caveats... What concerns me is many employers... (not just the Met) are happy to trample over their employee's who are generally ill informed, concerned about losing their jobs and not being able to pay the bills, or believe "it is just the way it is", to question their employers policies and practices. Don't get wrong I am not some raving socialist, far from it... I've been on the other side of the fence too as "management" and know plenty who have or do run their own businesses. I have also known plenty of people who do try it on, give an inch and take a mile. Of course this is no 9 - 5 job and a bit of good will and give and take is the only practical way to get the job done.... of course I've had just a few hours before between shifts in the past, but with Winsor the "Get the job done/make it work" mentality should stop. On that basis I would obviously ask for compensatory rest and in the current climate don't feel it unreasonable to be granted it.
  11. Winsor Report - Part 2

    EWD does apply to us and we are entitled to 11 hours between shifts.... except for exigencies of duty (which has to be something quite serious and unplanned).... if you have a document that states otherwise then please let me know.... the EWD wont get you out of a shift but you can insist on going in later for example. There are also quite clear rules around time set aside for refs depending on the hours you are working that day. Again the exingencies proviso kicks in but managers are supposed to do everything possible to ensure that sufficient breaks are provided. Section 9 - http://www.dppf.org/pdf/regulations/working_time.pdf Absolutely!
  12. Sgts OSPRE 2012

    It is sad though that the extent of the changes to pay and conditions may ultimately provide opportunities for the likes of myself and Ben to take up skipper positions over the next year or two. I feel that so demoralised are many of the longer serving officers.... of all federated ranks that they will hang on until after the Olympics (in the case of the Met) and leave before they are pushed. Problem is, two or threee years down the line will we be in the brave new world of policy redundancy and/or five year commissions.
  13. Sgts OSPRE 2012

    Haha... I'm in great company!... still as you say a pass is a pass and 30-odd percent pass rate shows it is a tricky little exam... or the media would have you believe we are just all dim.
  14. Sgts OSPRE 2012

    The 2011 breakdown (from my feedback sheet was...) I was 2200th and something out of 7016 (I just tell myself a pass is a pass...) Overall Candidates - 7016 Exceptionals - 247 Passes - 2351 Unsuccessfuls - 4222 Low band fails - 196
  15. Job counselling

    Sorry mate.... I know people who have been offered it after certain recent incidents!! but I don't know anyone who has actually taken up the offer. I guess if you are even asking then you've considered that you (or someone you know) might need it.... I hope it is nothing to traumatic and you/they get the help needed.