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    Retest of both eyes? I suppose for both, it should be called an 'eyes test'...
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    It's not written down and never will be because of the volunteer nature of the MSC but the regular service has always tried to use specials to paper over the cracks caused by financial cuts to policing levels. I have a friend in a neighbouring police force who flat our refuses to work bank holidays if a regular officer has been refused overtime. He feels the Special Constabulary is supernumerary to staffing levels and should not be included in financial decisions. It's a fair point. Business Model is a term I find inappropriate to policing. It is not a business but the bean counters have been treating it as one for many years with disastrous results. MSC sergeants and MSC Inspectors spend far too much time chasing up people not doing their hours. The example given by kcl16 of an officer invisible for seven months is not uncommon but the MSC needs to kick these people out long before it gets to that stage. MSC supervisors didn't sign up for this and want to do some policing not chasing people who are only in it for the warrant card and free travel on the tube. The Police is a 24/7 organisation and any excuse for not attending (unless of illness or family crisis) is unacceptable. I've had to deal with (and sometimes discharge) under performing officers who say "But I am a Volunteer!" My response was Yes you are but you are not volunteering are you so start turning up or stop wasting everyone's time including your own.
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    @Londonbased I forgot to add the third type of MSC bod; the people who are making up for an inadequacy/doing it for ego related purposes. The best kind of special tends to be type 1; but they either end up joining the met full time/another police force or they do a few years and leave. To be fair I think the drop in MSC numbers also has a lot to do with the fact that during the recession it was the only way to get into the Met to join full time. There are those that still join to get around London residency and join full time, but equally with many other police forces around the country recruiting regularly (including big ones like GMP, West Yorks and PSNI) coupled with the rising cost of living in the M25 area reduces the amount of keen MSC bods considerably further. What is particularly worrying is that the proposed cuts to the Met rely on having MSC turn up and augment regular response teams. Out of the 50 or so MSC in my borough whatsapp group, a whopping 7 or so of us go out with team.
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    Emails are being sent to former MSC asking them to consider rejoining. Things must be getting bad. It needs to be addressed why they quit in the first place.
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    I think the primary issue with us specials is that MSC sergeants are neither competent enough and/or do not have adequate time to manage those they supposedly "line manage." I am now attached to a regular response team for all intents and purposes on my borough which I am enjoying and will help me develop my compentency. Out of the four special sgts in my borough, only one of them (my line manager) does anything approaching the actual remit of his/her job. To be quite frank he seems to spend a lot of his time chasing individuals who don't turn up - as a recent example there was a girl who had attested 7 months previously and had still not done a single duty/turned up. Her excuse was "work" despite having a fairly menial job. The MSC seems to attract two types of people these days - the very keen who are possibly looking at becoming regulars, and those who are looking to get free TFL.
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    Perhaps, but the response should be proportionate to the issue, which I think is the crux of the point.
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    Given that regs are struggling to get the courses, I'd say there is a very, very slim chance of any Msc getting one
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    Is this the video you're referring to?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ6lW3eEi8c
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    Mine has; Lightweight waterproof hi-viz jacket. Waterproof hi-viz trousers. Waterproof black trousers. Hand sanitiser Sterile wipes. Spare breath-test tubes Local A-Z FPN holder (with tickets in, obviously) Sunglasses is a sturdy case A pair of slash-proof gloves. A pair of leather gloves that actually fit me. A load of various sized knife tubes. One large knife tube containing a load of sterile swabs. A large evidence bag containing small, medium, large and extra large evidence bags, neatly folded to fit. Spare pens. Spare/old torch A snood. A proper face mask for mouth-to-mouth (not one of those crappy face shields that come in a little packet like a napkin). Tape measure Tyre depth gauge Type pressure gauge Clipboard A copy of Blackstones Operational Handbook Hughes Traffic Guide First aid kit. A large A4 document wallet thing with all my paperwork (DASH books, RTC books, statement papers, burglary packs, CCTV forms, etc etc) Usually a half-drunk-and-now-flat bottle of Lucozade in there somewhere too.