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    Hello! So I'm coming back after a period of absence from the force. Been catching up with a few people whilst I've been at FHQ but wanted to hear from the boots on the ground of any changes that have happened in the 6 months I've been away? So far I know about new trousers and shirts, but that's as far as it goes. *I'm also acutely aware that this area of the forum was pretty dead before I stood down so I anticipate it may still be the same but any replies are always useful.
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    So to follow up as I said I would, I attended my special constable final interview yesterday evening. I had a bit of a build up of nerves yesterday as it got closer and closer to setting off to the interview location. I was starting to irrationally doubt some of the preparation I'd done and was convinced there was more I should know. I'm happy to say once I got stuck into the first question I felt relaxed and comfortable. After a few more questions I felt it was going so well that I found myself actually looking forward to and anticipating the next questions. I left the interview extremely pleased with my performance, again, this is from my point of view. What is much more important is how it went from their perspective. Regardless of the outcome I won't feel any regret in relation to the effort and time I'd but in beforehand as I did my absolute best. I was told I could expect to hear back sometime next week if everything goes to plan. I'm feeling generally positive while trying to manage my expectations in case I don't receive the news I want. I'm glad to have got this far and am very proud of what I have already achieved. It is nice to have got this step over and done with though haha! I will provide another update, hopefully next week as to the outcome.
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    This is true. Many regular officers don't want driving courses at all. They don't want the responsibility or grief in dealing with pursuits that might go wrong. There is a perception that the Met won't look after you.
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    I couldn't agree more with you mate, this was my experience when I joined, and it put me off going out with the Friday night Specials serial, instead, I prefer to work on team where people don't have the time to bully you and pick on you for petty things.
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    It's probably best to make your presence known to the crew so that they can let the captain request your assistance if needed. He is "the law" up there after all.
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    Try to hit the floor as quick as you can when you hear the shout of AIR MARSHAL and you might avoid getting broken in the mêlée