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    Let me rewrite that scenario.... A patriot (Joe) decides to visit their favourite fast food restaurant and sing the national anthem of the UK after finishing his food and walking outside. An employee (John) asks Joe to desist on the grounds of it being against their policy. Joe ignores John on the grounds that he has no authority on the public footpath so John gives Joe another chance to stop before the Police are called. Joe again ignores John at which point the Police are called. The Police Operator listens to John and then tells him that singing the national anthem is not really a matter for the Police and nor is enforcing the policies of local fast food outlets. She asks John if he has anything of substance to report and John says "No." The operator explains to John that she really needs to clear the line now as calls may be coming in from members of the public who really do need the Police. John goes home and reflects on why he finds a song that decent British people have been singing for generations so offensive and why he thinks the Police should put a stop to such things. The reasons elude him.
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    This topic has been locked as it is clearly a request for advice on a situation that happened.
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    For my organisation, if a statement of complaint has ben recorded then a statement of retraction would be taken detailing the reasons for not wishing to pursue a complaint, including confirmation that there has been no undue influence from a suspect or other person. If only a PNB has been taken as an initial account, a PNB entry stating why they don't want to complain and that no-one has influenced their choice to not complain. Its simple about covering your backside when they complain you advised them that it was a waste of time complaining (even if it is) because many will.
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    Hi folks, so its been exactly 1 year and 5 months since I posted this on the forum and I thought i'd give you a quick update... I have now been signed off as independent and completed all my portfolio which i'm pleased about! I'm still enjoying it.. it is quite nice to go in, help out and do my bit and then be able to come home and know that I have made some difference to peoples lives! I guess thats the beauty of what we do, hey?!
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    I doubt you are going to get any sensible answers so I'm locking the topic. Additionally I doubt this topic would be useful to anyone other than yourself.
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    Totally jumping on this if it makes it up to Lancs Constab!
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    Pass it on to CID Next.
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    I can't see how this is a scenario that would be useful to the visitors to this website, therefore I am assuming it is a personal matter and locking the topic.
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    What a very, very peculiar man. The mind really does boggle sometimes.
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    I'm commonly amazed at the stupidity of some people, they have a terrific scam going , netting themselves a considerable amount of money , but they can't drive past a md and come back in their own car. You have to wonder how long they would have got away with it for if they had been healthy eaters
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    No, they can't view them if they're on Private - that would be a breach of data protection. There are however, some tricks to see photos even if set to private, but I'm not sure what they are. Just make sure any photos/posts that could cause any issues are removed. Yes, they're still on Facebook's system (they're actually never removed - scary!), but best to have them out of view. In relation to your second question. Have you had your day 1 of training for PC? If so, it won't be an issue. If you've still got more of the application to go, then I might get in touch with HR and see what they say.
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    This is now locked as it has gone horrendously off topic.
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    The answer is everyone should go to jail. They should not pass go, and they should not collect £200. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    why do you consider it particularly spurious? All fictional scenarios are by defintion spurious ??? as it is its nice to see any posts here
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    Sweet FA. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Tapatalk
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    For goodness sake, what is with all these fanciful scenarios and I'd do this, I'd do that?? Keep it simple people. Make a requirement under the RTA for the owner to provide you with details of driver. If he refuses THIS IS NOT OBSTRUCT POLICE. Go back get an get NIP and Requirement for name and address of driver and serve it personally on him. If he refuses he GETS REPORTED FOR SUMMONS for failing to supply details. Its not rocket science. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Tapatalk
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    No that wouldn't warrant arrest for BOP but wearing a rival team's football shirt wouldn't be as likely to provoke the use of violence as brandishing something that is designed to look like a weapon.
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    ,but he didn't intend To hit anyone with it, that would be rather pointless, he only wanted them to think he might if they came to close
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    They can address is in any fashion that is polite and courteous.
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    Nothing. Ignorance and stupidty are not offences (else the HOCR would need revising pretty quickly).
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    They can call me whatever they feel comfortable saying as long as it is respectful. If it is in the process of arresting they can call me what they like as I can accept they may not be happy about it and their emotions may be running high.
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    I'd probably tweet about it (on a specific Twitter account) , if I was a special........but I wouldn't post on Twitter. Friends of Friends can see Facebook activity and I don't want some raving lunatic anti-cop friend of a friend to come after me.....
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    Hi Andy - Of course everyone is feeling the pinch re spending cuts - I was just highlighting the issue from my work point of view. I can't speak for every social service in the country, but in the area I work the social workers are incredibly committed and go above and beyond their duty every day. I have never seen anyone 'dump' on the police or any other emergency service, although I daresay it does happen. As for lobbying for better resources, it's an ongoing battle, but one that we are bound to lose - local government is losing everywhere. The cuts are going too deep, but there is nothing we can do about it - even management are getting desperate - it's not their fault, it's central government that is doing this. We have relevant training and safety measures, but we're stretched so very thin. The sad thing is, this issue will no longer be about any service 'dumping' stuff on another, but rather that every service will be stretched so thin that we will all have to pull together and work together. So in fact you may see an increase of incidents where police are called to assist in something non-crime related and likewise other services may have to cover in areas that they have not previously done so. The real losers aren't the police, local government or any other emergency service; the real losers are the vulnerable who rely on us to protect them.