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My journey!

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#1 Dr Jamie?

Dr Jamie?


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Posted 24 July 2007 - 09:17 PM

Ah well, this seems to be a rite of passage doesn't it!
Metropolitan Special Constabulary

Well ok I'm 19 and half English/half Pakistani for anyone who cares!
I was going to join the MSC last year when I was 18, but due to A levels when I was rung up to see if I would be able to attend a initial day (like Day 1) I said no, so that terminated my application. So I finally sent an online application form on the 28th May.
The day after next I go the generic, "we have received your application and will be processing it" letter, so I was happy enough. :whistle:

On the 14th June I received the letter telling me I'd passed the initial sift (whatever that is, I reckon just the have you applied within the last 6 months thing) and all the other stuff that comes in the pack (Ethics/westhire centre info/security forms). However about a week later I realised, I didn't have the Q&A booklet they mentioned was contained, so I asked for it, and they sent me it along with a map of Hendon! This pack told me my Day 1 was to be on the 13th June!

So on the 13th June I went to my day 1. I was a little bit late because we got kicked off the bus due to an accident and had to wait 30 mins for another bus! Anyway the written exercise was ok I though, and then the dreaded interview! I was really worried my examples weren't that great as I'm quite young admittedly, and hence I have less experiences to pick on. The scenarios were probably the thing I was most worried about, I tried my best to do and say the right things (yes I realise I'm under secrecy not to mention details - which I'm not!) I felt I did ok, but not my best. Last of all we had to deal with the security forms, I thought I'd filled in everything, but I'd missed out the fact that my parents hadn't had any other partners - although I didn't notice it said that on the form!

So I waited in anticipation for 8 days, and I got my results and although knackered opened them immediately! I looked in and saw some good grades and some not so good, so I was unsure about what was going on. Luckily I went back to the front page and it said I had passed! AWESOME! For anyone interested in my overall grades:
Overall: 73%; Respect for race and diversity: 73%; Oral Communication:100%; Written communication:100%; Written Exercises overall: 73%; Number of spelling and grammatical errors: 0!
I was really impressed with my Interview in which I got As in 4 sections and a B in the other!

On the day we said when we were available in August, for Day 2 :saint:. Hopefully I'll get the date soon!

The only thing I'm worried about now is the security checks to be honest! I hope my family havent randomly done anything they haven't told me , because it'll make me look dishonest!

I'll update this when I do my Day 2.

Oh interestingly enough, I won the Policespecials.com 5th birthday prizes a few days before I knew my Day 1 results, so that was an awesome booster! Thanks LV!
In fact, I've got the cake, so I'll be cutting it with pictures soon!

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#2 Dr Jamie?

Dr Jamie?


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Posted 31 July 2007 - 12:40 PM

Just to add that should have said my Day 1 was on the 13th July!
Also I went out on an observation, I'll add it up here soon.

#3 Dr Jamie?

Dr Jamie?


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Posted 02 August 2007 - 12:21 PM

Erm, I'll still write that observation up I promise (the 28th July experience) I promise.
But just a little update. You know those dates we provisionally booked for August? Yeah well, they apparently were booked up already now, as I rang up to ask what was going on (as postal strikes etc have mucked up my post) and apparently they're just sending out the date now, to tell me my Day 2 is on the 12th September!
That's ages away :whistle:. Well at least I know now.

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