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  1. Erica
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    It's been quite some time since my last blog entry... probably because I've been busy at work trying to source props for 5 shows on a budget of 5 pence and a bit of pocket fluff, as well as teaching and being a glorified courier. I've also managed to do several Specialing shifts in a row without being involved in any fights (apart from one earlier this month when I ended up pressing my emergency button as my colleague and I couldn't contain all the scuffles breaking out around us simultaneously)!

    I've also been involved in putting together a Specials newsletter for Kent Specials... the first edition is due on 18th June... there's a lot of work to be done in the meantime!

    Last weekend I took a driving assessment at the Police College for my basic permit... I was really, really nervous as it meant a lot to me to get my permit... I would be able to take out other Specials and help with the driving on shifts with the Regs and I'd feel and be more useful. I'd been trying to memorise the highway code for weeks before (it's a great publication for curing amnesia)... and I tried very hard to put right all the bad driving habits which have built up over the past 13 years since I passed my test (in the days before the theory test existed). I'm very pleased that the effort paid off...I passed the assessment and went out the next day for my first shift as a driver! It felt a bit odd to drive a patrol car at first... and even more bizarre to press the blue button and pull over a car for the first time... but I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to my next driving shift :rolleyes:

  2. You might have missed the news that we're holding a summer social on August 9th, in Oxfordshire. BBQ, fun, games and a chance to put faces to names. I was hoping to get lots of people to come along but to date, fewer than 20 tickets have been sold.

    It's taken a fair amount of effort to get this organised, and I think we'll have a good day - but not if there's just a dozen of us. I know it's a distance to travel for some people, but that's the challenge when you have a site which attracts people from across the country - I had to find somewhere that was fairly central and Oxfordshire is where it's at!

    I'm really hoping the social goes well, I'm looking forward to it. Because I love a good game of rounders :saint:

    You can get more details and buy your ticket online here. Go on, you know it makes sense :rolleyes:

  3. Just back from another interesting trip - House of Commons this time and although I've dropped off and picked up a number of times outside, this was my first trip inside.

    We arrived in plenty of time so he insisted we grab some 'fresh air?!' and exercise while killing some time on the Embankment; we took a nice 'Spooks Stroll' down past MI6, over Vauxhall bridge and back up Millbank past Thames House towards Parliament before settling in Victoria Tower Gardens to watch the boats pass.

    After fighting through all the Japanese tourists outside the Cromwell Green entrance and getting photographed by them as we walked down the long stainless ramp I was surprised by how many security guys they could squeeze into such a small security station. After getting our mugshots badged and passing through security, we settled in the 'coffee shop', an impressive space under a beautiful old vaulted ceiling.

    We then killed some time looking over the Westminster Hall, St Stephen's Hall and Central Lobby before making our way to the Committee Rooms (and it was nice to see them supporting British Industry, Dyson Airblade dryers in the Gents :) )

    I caught up with a few guys I've not seen in a while, while the meeting was underway, and was introduced to a few new guys too – networking is an essential skill in CP, it's never what you know but who you know and our bosses have a tendency to want things done, access arranged or needs met in an instant, the best way to achieve this is through local contacts and favours.

    The meeting went well by the look on everyone’s faces and we stopped off for a 'House of Commons' Scarf for Mrs Boss at the massively overpriced gift stand of St Stephen's Hall (he can afford it though I guess)

    And then we were off home again – quick visit but glad I went, it's a hugely impressive building in the flesh.

  4. Dogs of Blackpool
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    Over 2000 hits, am impressed. As I have now left Iraq and working somewere else, have written a blog at an alternate facility inpreperation for a book about all my exploits.

    If your intrested let me know and I may give you the address for the new blog.

    Stay Safe and you never know I may see you some time as you never know when Big Brother is watching.

  5. wow, has it really been a few months since my last post?

    What have I been up to I hear you ask? (or maybe not). Well, not much other than the usual stuff, going to work, selling the house and the inevitable house-hunting that goes with it.

    Duty has been a bit of a mixed bag.

    I spent 8 days assisting with the training of the explosives dogs (not dogs that explode, that would be messy, but the cheeky pups that are starting their career with Sussex (and other forces) police sniffing out various explosive materials.

    Quite an interesting experience and very impressive how eager the dogs are and how quickly they learn. For obvious reasons cant really say much more about the whole affair but if you ever get the chance to get involved in such activities, I would strongly recommend it!

    Spent a bit of time covering officers days-off on response over the past few months. Always nice to respond to offences I wouldn't normally get involved with on NPT (mainly domestic violence on a weekend).

    Last Saturday I started off attached to two operations (flip-flopping between them accordingly) but as the night went on my crew partners got pick-off one by one until it was just myself driving around in the prison van. The last three hours where crazy and ended assisting response, I think I hit a personal record for the amount of jobs attended within about 90 minutes. "Charlie xxx, can you break for a .....", "thanks for the result, are you free for a.....", "Any officers available for assistance shout...." "can you break to attend.." One look up at the dark night sky and it all become obvious.... a big fat full moon!

    Now this isn't a complaint, I actually love it when its busy like that, keeps the adrenalin going, however.... I stood down much later than my previously estimated lateness (my own fault for taking what seemed like a simple transport job) and on my walk home (my partner was meant to give me a lift as we were supposed to finish at midnight.... he did, I did somewhat much later), face flat down in the middle of a road in a residential area was an 18 year slightly worse for wear and quite a bit of road-rash around her chops.

    Quick call over the radio and there i was assisting the poor soul while she targeted my boots with her incessant vomiting. Waiting for what seemed like ages (any small amount of time seems ages when you are dodging vomit) the ambulance arrived, stood down after passing her details I had managed to prise out of her. And eventually home to face the 'where the hell have you been' glares emitted from the love-of-my-life

    This Sunday I've been ask to help with the new Specials senario day by helping operate radio control.... I guess this means I had better brush up on 'correct' radio speak!

  6. Ok - ive not been about for a while but im still lurking, will do a major update shortly :D

    :) Stay Safe

  7. My radio spoke to me the other day.

    They/it wanted me to go vist one of our frequent callers re harrasment. Now I really hate these jobs.

    'Maker of your own misery?' you bet! an affair had gone wrong and now she was reaping what she sowed. somebody somewhere would have been glad of a visit but we were busy dealing with this tripe.

    I have a lot of time for traffic officers. But a little giggle could not be helped when one came into the office and needed to use one of our vehilces. they then retruned some 5 mins later stating the keys were stuck in the lock.

    SKODA keys it would appear do fit FORD'S.

    mind how you go....

  8. Hotlush
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    Taking a break from study, principally to finish paying off my credit card (*damn you, ex*).

    Think it probably works out well anyway, will pay off credit card, have more cash for the holiday coming up, more time for Specialling and if I carry on, from where I left off, in 2007 should still be on track for a Qualifying Law Degree (I can still get the LLB, but have to do the whole thing in six years for it to be Qualifying).

    Blimey! At this rate I'll be debt free for the first time in *thinks* 12 years... apart from the mortgage and a few piddly household loans (*damn you, ex*)

  9. Now, where do I begin!

    I decided to do 2 8 hour shifts to make up my hours, to think I wasn't bothered about the shifts I was wrong. My first night I was paired up with a new constable from another force, it was nice as it was somebody new to talk to (make sure you get to know everyone, they're going to be your new family) Our first call, we blue lighted it to the call, it was a dropped 999 call so we blued and two'd it to the destination, it still puts a huge grin on my face even though I'm only 3 months in service. As we got there in turned out to be a domestic where a woman had beaten her husband nearly to death. I don't care what anyone says short of going to a scene where somebody has died, domestics are probably the worst jobs you can go to. This is where your resilience will definitely come in handy. We arrested the female and took her to the station, she was laughing and joking about what she'd done. It later turned out that she'd split his skull open and broke 4 of his ribs.

    My colleague was finishing so I stayed on, until finish. As there was no-one in the station I could go out with, it was organised for me to go on Response again but with a sister station to us. I love response, I've only done it twice but if you get the chance take it, you'll really learn stuff.

    We went to a few calls of fights and under-age drinking, however it was an hour before we were both finishing and we got a emergency call to go to a burglary in progress, I'd been to places which had been broken into but not one in progress, my heart started pounding as I could feel the adrenaline starting to kick in. I replied over our radio and that was it, fast driving, blues and two's were on and we were gone. When we arrived we could hear glass breaking inside the house, I drew my baton and reached for my CS just in case we slowly entered the building. As both me and my colleague searched downstairs a floorboard twisted indicating that there was movement upstairs we both shouted POLICE at the tops of our voices, at that point I saw someone land on the grass in the garden, I was gone off the chase was on. My colleague called for the dogs and then was after the other person. I felt like my heart was going to explode, I was running faster than I'd ever run before through gardens and driveways. As a keen rugby player I caught him and made one of the best tackles of my life. Before he could utter a word he was handcuffed and cautioned. His friend got a way meaning we had both the dogs and a helicopter out. He was later found around 30 minutes after.

    I finished 2 hours after I should have, but I wasn't bothered I'd got another arrest and a damn good one at that.

    My second shift was spent with a traffic officer, this was just as fun as I have a keen interest in cars. If you get offered to do this, take it, you will learn more in a shift with traffic than in 5-10 shifts dealing with traffic. Our night was mainly spent checking cars and taking response calls when not busy.

    Hope this entertains you all, and if you have any questions regarding being a special or recruitment, I'll try and answer them as best I can.

    Adz :thumbsup:

  10. Corbs
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    Hi Readers,

    Just a post to give PMTTS (Police and Military Tie Tac Service) a bit of promotion. PMTTS is a website and service that produces tie pins, challenge coins and a few other things for various parts of, unsurprisingly, the police and the military. It also has produced a few things for this site, including the rather lovely challenge coin, and the new tie pin. It is also represented on by a member of the same name, who is always very helpful and seems to know just about everything there is to know and more about the Police and Military.

    The images on the website give some idea of the pins, but they really should be seen in the metal. The craftsmanship and intricacies of the pins and coins are something else.

    A percentage of the sales of the coins and pins go towards many good causes, including Help for Heroes, and HEMS, with one pin recently rasing over £300 for HEMS from internet sales alone, and that figure is rising, leaving very few excuses for you not to buy one! Go on...


    Here is my (growing) collection - Click here for more info:


  11. Do you Collect British Law Enforcement Enamelled Badges. All Brand New MINT

    Condition. Also Warrant Card Wallets with Badges. ( Verified LEO's ONLY ). Each

    Wallet is £25 ( $39) plus Postage ($6) for one. Multiple Buy is Postage FREE.

    Single Badges are ($20) including postage. Please click on links below.

    If you order any and they have SOLD OUT they are on Re order and delivery is 6-8

    weeks ( payment on Delivery).

    YOU MUST BE A SERVING SPECIAL CONSTABLE TO PURCHASE ( Must NOT be resold or advertised for sale on EBAY. Police Act 1996 put responsibility on persons in possession NOT to use unlawfully FOR GENUINE COLLECTORS ONLY ) Warrant

    Card Wallets Enamelled


    Law Enforcement Dept/Force and badge number required prior to Sale ( payments via paypal)

    regards Richard

  12. So, I'm feeling better now (I hope you visited the blue lamp foundation's website), and I can't sleep, so I thought I'd let you know about the next stage of the application process for Staff's Specials.

    As you know, I got the letter confirming I had passed the assessment day, and with it came a Counter-terrorism form and a medical questionnaire and a couple of erroneous medical-related papers.

    Firstly- Counter-terrorism. Very important in this day and age. It's part of the vetting procedure, and has to be sent off, in a provided envelope, to a separate department (not just to Human Resources). It's a peachy/orangey booklet that you may have had to fill out for a whole number of different reasons, from being a civil servant to contract work inside a prison. It's essentially a more formal version of the vetting sheets from the application booklet at the start of the process. You're asked basic details about yourself and both of your parents, and then about your criminal history and if you've ever been involved in anarchistic, terrorist or racist elements groups. That's pretty much all there is to it, and it probably won't take you more than 20 minutes.

    The next bit, the medical questionnaire, is quite simply, an absolute pain in the arse. Again, you fill out your details and your GP's details, and then you have to tick yes or no to several pages of various illnesses, and if you say that you've had one or more of them, you have to explain what it was and other details. Then you're asked your height and weight (so your BMI can be calculated) I'm 5'8" and 60Kg, so have a rather snazzy BMI of 19.2. Finally, and most problematically, for me anyway, is my immunisation history…as I moved Doctor, to my University's health centre I thought it would be best to go in and ask for my medical history, especially my height/weight and immunisation history, at a cost of 35p a sheet. 70p later (not funny- I couldn't afford a can of coke later because of that) I was told nothing about my immunisation history, excluding the Flu jab I was given when I arrived. I already knew about that, and it wasn't asked for on the questionnaire. *Sigh*

    They want to know what year you were vaccinated against Diphtheria, tetanus, TB, Polio, and Hepatitis B. As I went to Honduras last year I couldn't be certain as to whether I had been recently been given top-ups to those, as opposed to my regular boosters etc. So, after a call to my old GP, where I had to tease, painfully, the year of my immunisations from the receptionists (who were actually very nice), and not have to wait for my mum to open the letter they sent to my parent's home address I finally had what I needed.

    The other two sheets were simple enough, and asked your address (again) and your GP's address so they could send the form to him/her and get them to verify and sign it off. You don't need an exam or consultation to fill it out. The GP's are sent it later. The other sheet asks for your permission to have other people read your medical history etc.

    Send them off and you're all done. I'm currently waiting on a letter informing me when the medical exam is, as (I always have been) I'm completely confident there is nothing on either of the forms that will hinder my application, otherwise my parents (and the government to a much greater extent) would have some serious explaining to do.

    I'm glad I've got to this stage as now I can start to include the more exciting aspects of the application process, namely training, and eventually the duties I perform, which is what everyone's interested in, really.

    As ever, leave a comment, rate the blog, and check out My blog's site.


  13. Gingeriron
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    Think i've been slacking in the blogging front just recently, it's now over five month's since i last updated. Some of being because not a lot has been happening and i've also been busy messing about with my NVQ. Anway the Mighty Iron have been promoted once again to The Championship just slightly gutted that i missed it today though because i was on a driving course. Still i've ended the day with two good results, in me passing my driving course and The Iron coming away from Wembley with a win.

    Speak soon

  14. This is just an overview of the second week in training, not a lot happened this week as parts of our training took 3 days for each topic so apologies if it sounds boring.

    Day 1: This was a continuation of the conflict management of the training. This is a total of 3 days and we covered body language, personal protection and the ways of encouraging people to calm down by talking to them. This was interesting and will no doubt prove useful when i start coming into contact with the public. We were also told where we would be stationed much to our delight.

    Day 2: This was the final day of conflict management as above involving an exam on the subject before we carried out another role play with examples of conflict management. We also collected out ID's and keys from HQ.

    Day 3: This was the first day of first aid, and this was delivered by the outside security company of which i think we were all glad of as they are ex military and have more experience than most people. This day covered CPR, recovery position and general first response.

    Day 4: This was the second day of first aid covering bleeding, reasons for unconsciousness and a overview of the previous days CPR, recovery position & first response.

    Day 5: This day consisted of a quick refresh of all the first aid and then we had a written exam and two role play assessments including one for CPR and one for the recovery position. All pretty simple, but no doubt very useful! We also received out collar numbers which finished the week off nicely.

  15. Well it's time to reinvent my diary as a Blog, since Lord Vader, site owner, has decided to close the Dear Diary section to encourage more Blogs to be used.

    A great idea really - since once I left the Special Constabulary in February 2006, there was no need to add anything really!

    I've added all my diary entries into this blog which took time, but it's done now. I can now add bits and bobs at random which I look forward to.

    Since I left the Police I've kept myself busy with work - it's an easy job - in fact the easiest I've ever had!

    There is some restructuring going on, but so far I'm unaffected.

    Marathon Man

    I ran the Paris Marathon in April this year with my Sister - a great experience and one I'll treasure for life. We completed the run in 5 hours 42 minutes - and the last couple of miles were sheer hell! But finish we did, and a nice big medal to be proud of.


    It's time to get my son into football. In July I visited the Crystal Palace club shop to buy him and I the Palace shirt! Expensive, but a necessity!

    My son is six now, and on Saturday 1st September I took him to his first ever football match at Selhurts Park (home of the mighty Crystal Palace Football Club) versus Charlton Athletic. I hadn't been for a long time, but my Dad used to take me to almost every home game, and it was time for me to assume that role.

    My Dad passed away in March 1998, and this was to prove an emotional day for me.

    We arrived at the ground at 2pm an hour before kick off. Nothing has changed - the place is exactly the same as when I was last here, some 15 years earlier. It's a bit neater and tidier, and one of the stands has been rebuilt as a two tier, but that's it. I looked around with a tear in my eye as I remembered my Dad who was almost a professional footballer himself, having trials for Fulham and Chelsea back in his day.

    He had a lot of ties to the club, working there briefly at one time, and as well as taking me to matches, also took me to training and my matches when I used to play for Crystal Palace as a youth. I used to know most of the Crystal Palace team - most notably Ian Wright, who went on to play for Arsenal and England and now works extensively on TV as a pundit and also has his own shows now and again.

    I think about Dad all the time and can only imagine how proud he would be sitting in the stands with his grandson watching his boys in red and blue. I'll do my best to give my son what he gave me - it's a hard act to follow, but I'll give it my best shot Dad.

    I have a picture of me presenting Ian Wright with a Player Of The Year Award in (I think) 1987:


    Just ignore the terrible hair cut!!

    Back to matchday - we lost 1-0 to Charlton, but had an enjoyable day.

    I also went with a friend to see Palace draw 1-1 with Coventry last Tuesday evening - a bit disappointing again but another enjoyable visit to the place where I have so many great memories.

    Palace won yesterday though against Sheffield United - 3-2, winning with a penalty in the last minute. Typically though, I didn't go to watch this one - maybe I'm a jinx every time I go and watch them play. We'll see next time :(

    It's been a busy weekend with a party for my two kids at the local ball pit and play centre and a meal afterwards. They had a great day and are now tucked up in bed, which is where I'll be soon before another week at work.

  16. Obsidian_Eclipse
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    This will be one of my last blogs for a while as its tiring me out just to write them, however I must say that there have been some positive happenings in my life of late which are helping me to cope just a little better..

    I know I seem to brandish alot of criticsm for the police but they really have been a life saver for me, the source of alot of my concerns regarding how the organisation is run is not a go at Nottinghamshire Police at all but of the wider forces which make up the UK and some of the loony things which they seem to do. By enlarge Nottinghamshire Police has changed over the years and in my opinion for the better, I know the pressures they have been under from the media and previous government but they have coped marvellously well under what has mostly been unfound criticism and scare stories. In reality there is probably no force in the UK which I would feel more comfortable with than Notts. The new CC in particular has been given a slating for things which have festered long before she came to the helm, I feel that perhaps she has tried to address these issues and bring them into view whilst others have tried to keep them hidden. If any of the CCs in this country can react positively to the change of government, policies, budget cuts and society then I think it will ours - well done!

    One of the most recent happenings in my life in the Specials lately has been the two duties I have performed last month. Okay, they may have only been 2-3 hours each but its a start and has given me something good to look forward to. I wont say exactly were they were other that a quiet(ish) town in the countryside boardering two forces, they are not what I'm used to either having spent many evenings in my other life (prior ME) dashing around with blue lights and working abridge in town centres, however they offer something of a challenge having been somewhat neglected of a Specials presence for some time. Both have been day shifts and luckily they were rather pleasant days too.

    One thing that has made itself apparent to me by patroling this village was the closeness of many of the older residents and the equally divisive trench which seperates the youth. Its a story told throughout the land.. Times have changed though and the problems are very much modern as much as they are old, I just hope that I can make a difference. The side affects to these duties have been rather harsh, I will admit. Just a few hours of duty, a couple walking around have taken there toll on me, with a decent amount of aggressive resting and recovery either side I may be able to cope, well at least I hope I can. After my last shift I have needed to take dihydrocodeine for the pain, spent a few days in my pajamas and been as clumsy as heck! It would be comical if it wasnt fustrating, my kitchen shows signs of splattering from unsteady hands where I have catapulted pie everywhere - dont ask! Its strange how ME can cause so many strange occurances and confusion (putting milk away in cupboards and cooking implements in the fridge - how did that get there?). I'll see how things go, but I desperately hope I will be able to continue doing these duties every now and again. As much as I suffer I also gain so much..

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    Recent Entries

    It is with regret that I find myself having to write this disclaimer however in order to protect my name I am left with no choice. And I feel disappointed that some of you are serving Police Officers SHAME ON YOU!!!

    Disclaimer & statement:

    Unfortunately due to a former girlfriend’s offensive & hate filled campaign over a number of years (mainly due to CSA assessments), several unfounded articles about me have appeared on the internet including on Face Book and various other websites in order to try to discredit me and my abilities. I can provide evidence from West Yorkshire Police, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and the National Press; that confirms the contents of those articles are completely unfounded, false and without warranted truth. I have also been freely interviewed by the National Press whom have not published or will publish any of those articles as they know them to be false and untrue.

    To add to the campaign several large groups of what can only be called” internet trolls” have joined in with this frenzied on-line attack. West Yorkshire Police can confirm that two separate written warnings under the Prevention of Harassment Act 1997 have been issued in person (Dec 2012 & January 2013, one against my former girlfriend) in connection with those articles in my favour. A further warning letter from my solicitor was issued to another party warning them of their actions were unlawful. I have also been questioned (of my own free will and not while under arrest) by West Yorkshire Police in regard to those articles and no action has been taken or will be taken against me in the future by them. I can also confirm that I served with the British Army for two short successful periods in the early 1980s and left with a clean service record. Also the MOD and Civilian Police have not brought or going to bring any action against me under the Army Act of 1955, as I have not committed any offences under that act .Furthermore I have never been questioned, charged, appeared in front of any Court or found guilty or imprisoned for any act of violence whatsoever towards any individual partially my ex girlfriend.

    Official documentation has fraudulently been copied from the internet and amended in order to bolster up the false allegations. Several photographs appear of me wearing military uniforms with headings next to them which are whole-heartedly untrue. As I was a director in several military surplus supply companies those photographs had been used for publicity purposes in the past with the sole aim of selling military surplus goods. Those photographs have also been fraudulently amended some missing the words “for illustration only”.

    All of my qualifications mentioned within this document can be confirmed as being authentic by the issuing body and I give permission freely for you to confirm those qualifications however they are protected under the Data Protection Act 1998 and are not for general public use or viewing. I also retain all of the original certificates and document of any qualifications I have achieved. I also retain plentiful references from previous employers and customers along with over two thousands authentic and original photographs of my training courses and services I have provided in the past. To date I have not received one single letter of complaint from any of my former customers regarding the training courses and services I have provided in the past.

    Should you require absolute proof of the contents of the disclaimer, please email me at the email address shown in this document. I will be happy to provide you with the Police Officers etc, details and of the name/s of the person/s who started this campaign along with all the evidence that proves my complete innocence. However in that event you must formerly apply in writing to me for those details and the reason why you wish to view them as certain aspect of the evidence/confirmation are/is protected under current UK Data Protection Act 1998 Laws. You may only keep that information for as long is absolutely necessary. I can only wish you draw your own conclusions once you have completely researched all the facts.

    Tony Cumper 29th of January 2013

  17. Professional_Cynic
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    Well the time came to move. A special trip was made with all of the fish equipment, the 2 tanks (the sump and the main tank) the cabinet and some other bits and bobs. The stuff was strapped into the back of the van and off we went to my new house, until 3/4 of a mile down the road I went round a round about and **CRASH**. I stopped the van as soon as I could and checked the precious cargo. My sump was cracked, all down one side. It was a disaster. The move carried on, luckily with no more casulaties but I was strugglign to find a replacement for the sump.

    I then placed the cabinet in the living room in the desired position and popped the tank on top. In a huge open plan room it looked surprisingly small, however I was still missing my sump, the integral part of the system.

    So then I made the decision, I woudl learn to build fishtanks.

    Armed with a stanley knife, a quantity of razor blades, a tube of silicon remover, a bottle of meths and a big box of plasters I started to remove the broken panel. What is in theory a very simple job (slice through silicon, cover in silicon remover and then clean off 24 hrs later) ended up 3 days worth of blood sweat and more blood. Finally the glass was off and the surfaces were cleaned up, then time to replace the panel. i tried a number of glaziers and found one just down the road who for a tenna gave me a nice sheet of razor-sharp edged glass (queue more blood). After sanding off the edges with a sharpening block the panel was siliconed in place and left for 48hrs to go off. I then wet tested it and to my surprise it was water tight.

    5 minutes later however it wasn't, a small hole had appeared and the whole thing was drained down and resealed. 48hrs later, top job, it was fine.

    The sump then went into the cabinet and it was time for the scariest job of them all. Drilling the return holes :prone: With a little help from my dad we managed to get both holes drilled in under 10 minutes and then fitted the tank connectors efore siliconing on the weir. 48hrs later it was time to test the whole tank. It was perfect, completely water tight, not even a tiny little breach on the wall of the weir.

  18. Woo, what a week.Day Shift 1: Emergency SOLAP meeting with my Training officers. My SOLAP has to go to HQ for a check, to see if everything is OK. My Training officers are panciking because everything is NOT OK. They have been given some last minute training and have to put it into practise with me, so I am hauled in for a Tutorial. My DTO is my old Tutor, and the other DTO taught me as a Special, so I am in good hands. Tutorial goes well, I need to give out a few more Tickets (if I managed to get out of the station I would!!) but I have submitted LOADS of intelligence reports, and 45 of them are on the Intelligence systems, and I am kicking the a**e of the other probationers on my team when it comes to Intelligence reports. I can't help it, people just tend to tell me things, and I have a good memory for faces and places, and I just type it all up and stick it in!! My old tutor is very impressed.A few hours frantically typing up reports and getting people to sign stuff and it's almost ready.Although I am told I have to come back in at 8.30am tomorrow for some tutoring on the SOLAP. The only problem is....I am supposed to be going out tonight to meet everybody off my Training Class, so I've taken the day off. drinking for me tonight then.Just as I am about to leave for the day, I get caught up in a Sec.18 Wounding and before I know it, it's 9.30 at night and I am just finishing. So no night out at all!!Day Shift 2: Instead of 7am start, I start at 8am. Bliss - another hour in bed!!! I do a bit of clerical, and my meeting with the DTO is postponed until 10.30, so I make the time to catch up on my workload. It seems I am too efficient for my own good - the Sgts have noticed how quickly I get crimes finalised, so they tend to load me up with all the quick and easy ones - ones that only need a phone call to sort out - and I am given a few to sort out. Bah!!10.30m rolls around, and I am given a whistlestop tour of what I supposed to be doing with SOLAP. I am just banging my head on the desk when Chief Inspector comes into the office......luckily he is a top bloke and has a laugh with us and we have a natter about the Yorkshire Ripper Hoaxer, who has just been charged with a 30 year old crime.I finally get back to the report room at 2pm, and start to try and get my head roudn what I've been told I need to do when my Sgt asks me to sort out an assault at the helpdesk. One statement, one arrest and 7 hours later and I'm off home. 13 hours on a day off - double time. Woo Hoo!!Evening Shift 1: It's Friday night, oh what a night....the town is full of drunken party goers and we're out in a public order van after meal. After the first half of the shift is taken up with routine enquiries, the second half is the van. After the first hour we lose two members who are dealing with an arrest, so it's me, 2 blokes and the Sgt. All is quiet, just the odd drunk who doesn't understand what "GO AWAY, YOU'RE BARRED" means, especially when accompanied by a a hefty shove from a Bouncer. We finish at 3am, and all is well, so we decided to head back to the station at 2.45am. Just as we leave, a fight breaks out in front of us. We make 5 arrests and it's back to the nick with them. Unfortunatly 3 of the arrestees are Polish, which proves to be a little bit of a problem....!!! It's 5am before I leave. Rack up the overtime and my total tiredness!!!Evening Shift 2: I am late, I am late!!! I am due on at 4pm, and I don't wake up until 3pm!!!! Panic!!!!! Panic!!!! I make it in time (just), as I have a statement appointment at 4pm. They have left a message saying they are not going to make a statement, so I am supposed to go out with one of the lads on the shift (my mate Steeeeeve). At 4.20pm, a report of a rape comes in, and I am tasked with getting the initial account. The other girl on the shift (due to sickness and secondments and courses, there are only 2 of us!!) is a driver and drivers are in very short supply at the moment, so I knew it was coming my way. I don't mind, as I want to be Rape Trained, so any experience is good experience. The inital acount takes a couple of hours, and then the Rape Trained officer arrives and get to liase with CID - luckily I know a couple of them from when I worked at Huddersfield as a Special, so we get on really well. I get to attend the medical too. Obviously I don't get to see it, but I look after the girls Mum, and see how the Rape Trained Officer deals with the evidence and works with the Doctor. It is brilliant experience, and I tell My Sgt that I would like to be considered first for any future incidents, and that I would like to be Rape Trained. He is happy because not many officers volunteer for that kind of job! I get off on time at 1am.Night shift 1: I am up and about at 9am, thanks to Stu running about getting ready - late again!!! I do some housework and go and see my Mum at home on her dinnerhour. While I'm there, the Duties clerk rings. Would I please go to the ACR at Bradford tonight to do a 12 hour shift answering phones for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Emergency Helpline for Hurricaine Wilma in Mexico? Ooo..go on then.....First problem, I have to start at 6pm. In Bradford. In a location I have never been to before, and have no idea where it is. And I am supposed to be looking at cars with Stuart before I start work. Oh dear.I ring Stuat and let him now the developments. He finishes work early and we decide that we'll go and look at the car in Shipley, then go to the ACR in radford, Stu will drop me off and then pick me up at 7am. What a darling he is!!!!!THANK GOD FOR TOMTOM GO!!!!We find teh car dealer, look at the car, it's a sale............we negotiate the rush hour traffic and thanks to the miracle of satilite navigation we find the ACR. I have 10 minute straining on an alien computer system, and then I am answering calls from a national number. if you saw the news reports on Brits stranded in Mexico on the news, you will have seen the phone mumber "If you're concerned about loved one sin mexico, ring this number for updates..." Well it was me and 14 other WYP officers answering the phone and trying to calm people down and answer questions. Some of the calls were awful - people crying and screaming, relatives shouting and demandinga nswers...things I couldn't tell them because I didn't know. We started at 6pm, and finished at 7am. It was manic from 6pm till 2am, then it just stopped. We all tried to keep up to date with our crimes and keep ourselves awake. At 6am, they started again, relatives desperate for information and updates. It was upsetting. I heard an answerphone message from a woman trapped in Mexico, telling of squalid conditions, no food or water and people getting ill. I can't even tell you some of the things I heard. After some of the calls I just took off my headset and had to bite my lip to stop myself from crying.Stu picked me up and I was quiet all the way home.Night Shift 2: Another night on the FCO Helpline. Apparently these helplines are usually run by The Met, but an new ACPO guideline that came in this year said that each force will have a go at running helplines for disasters. The Met ran the Tsunami, the London Bombings and the Pakistani Earthquake, and now it's our turn. I start at 6pm and finish at 7am. Again, it's busy from 6pm to 2am. The majority of us are there who worked last night, so we get on really well.....the usual suspects go for fag breaks together, we discusss magazines in quiet periods, and one lad has brought in a DVD player!! Half the group watch a Peter Kay DVD and the other half (which includes me) watch Shrek 2 at 5am! It is so quiet in the small hours.Again, it's harrowing listening. I have relative sshouting at me, demanding to know whats going on. I don't have the information, so I can't tell them. An e-mail link is set up - if we hear things from Mexico vis relatives, we e-mail the Foreign Office. I am fed up with people ringing and demanding to know if rumours about flights out of Mexico are true, so I e-mail the FCO grumpily, asking for any information about Tour Operators, as we don't know anything about any flights. 10 minutes later, they e-mail back with an interiery of flights!!! It is golddust, so I photocopy it and pass it round everybody. We are all ecstatic - at last, some information!!!! And good news!!!To say we are sat there just answering phones, it is hard work, itreally take sit out of you. The relative sof people out there are frustrated and angry. Nothing is happening as far as they are concerned, so I basically have to tell people what I know and pacify them. I don't feel like I'm doing enough, I am stuck in a call centre in Bradford and I want to be in Mexico helping people. My sister works for Thomas Cook and tells me that Thomas Cook sent out a rescue flight and asked TC staff if they wanted to go to help. My sister said's not her thing. She is not good with dealing with people who are suffering. I don't mean that bad - she just can't switch off and deal with it. My Dad is the same. He is a tall, strong man, but finds dealing with the pain of people hard to bear. I have seen him disappear upstairs halfway through watching a programme about children with Cancer and found him watching it in his bedroom, crying. My Mum said she would have gone, and knows I would have gone too. Some of the calls are to much to bear. People are desperate to get home. It is so frustrating.Someone gets a call and takes off their headset and calls out my name. They say they want to speak to me. I walk over to the desk, put on the headset and introduce myself. It is a call from Mexico! I have been speaking to a relative who has told their so in mexico what I've said.....and they have rung me! I tell them not to panic, and help is on it's way. I have told to FCO where they are, just keep sat tight and help will come. The call ends and I pray that help does get there.7am comes around and off I go. Onto rest days and off to bed. It has been a hard 2 nights. I wish I could do more but I can't. All I can say is support the British Red Cross because they do more work than you could ever realise, and relatives were so happy when I todl them that they were out there in Mexico.

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    In order to get into the regulars (police) I require 6/6 vision unaided. Due to my poor vision I opted for laser eye surgery and looked at two places.

    The first was called Ultralase and the second Optegra, I had previously enquired with Optimax but they kept hassling me and so I took them off the list.

    When I went to Ultralase they ran some tests and said they could not achieve 6/6 vision for me and neither could Optegra. Low and behold I felt a dash down, as this was one hurdle for the police I would not be able to cross. Nerveless I went to see Optegra and had heard amazing things about them and how their equipment is the best in the UK.

    I went and they looked at the shape of my eyes, and checked all the bits they needed. Then I met the optometrist Oliver who did the usual eyesight checks and said he could get me to Left eye 6/9 and Right eye 6/6 overall 6/5 vision after laser surgery. I then met with Mr Rob Morris the surgeon who ran through what would happen and that LASEk is better for me than LASIK due to there not being a flap created like there is in LASIK, so I agreed to LASEK.

    Few weeks later I called them to arrange the operation, went in on 31st March fully informed of what was going to happen. At 1335 I went in, and was given a shower cap to wear and had local anaesthetic drops put into my eyes. I then went through to the "Laser room" where I laid down on the bed and looked into a light. I had more drops added to my eyes and one was clamped open whilst the other covered. Rob Morris then used a trephine on my eye to make a small incision into the outer cornea layers called the epiphillium, which he then folded to one side. The laser was then lowered with lots of lights around it, and I heard them say "Pupil is locked on" and "6 seconds in this eye", then the laser was administered to my right eye for 6 seconds and then same thing done for my left eye. After the procedure I could see, but it was very blurry due to the amount of drops I had. An hour after I started to feel pain in my eyes so I used the painkiller drops on them, which soothed them for a short while. I then went home and my vision seemed good, but when I got home my eyes were so sore, and I couldn't open them at all because they were so sensitive to light. I just went to bed and slept but wearing my special goggles I was given.

    Day 1 (Post op) Friday - First day, woken up and very sore and gritty eyes, time for my 7am drops, I could barley see anything as they were so sensitive, but took the drops and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 9am and could see and it wasn't that painful as had taken my painkiler drops earlier on. Vision seems good bit blurry but that's the epilphiium healing.

    Day 2 (Post op) Saturday - Eyes really sore again, had to gently wash around them and not get water in them, take painkillers and drops, eyes really teary.

    Day 3 (Post op) Sunday - Eyes feel fine, left eye is more clearer than right

    Day 4 (Post op) Monday - Getting my bandage lens taken out today. I go to see Optegra and meet with Oliver, who looks at my eyes, saying they are healing well. I then look at the board of letters and can see most of the second page. He then takes the bandage lens out and my vision goes all blurry this is due to the epithilum cells being partly attached to the lens and some come off, so they need to regrow. My vision at this point it back to blurry but I can see enough to drive, they are just really sore and dry so administer the eye drops. I go home and sleep. Will keep you updated on my vision, as its a bit blurry as I write this.

    Turns out the drops I'm on (Exocin) which is antibiotics and (Maxidax) which is anti-inflammatory, prolong bluriness in order for the cornea to heal, interesting.

    Day 5 (Post op) Tuesday - Had a good nights sleep, woke up and eyes don't feel dry. I can certainly read more and see more things in detail as well. Watched Despicable Me on iPad last night, seemed to be not so blurry its just far objects and sometimes close that feel blurry.

    Day 6 (Post op) Wednesday = Eyes felt the same today, however had a long sleep this afternoon which seemed to improve them a bit, and they don't feel sore anymore just bit dry. There was certainly some improvement whilst I slept as could read the big titles of my books on my bookshelf, albeit a bit blurry. Going to get looked at again by Oliver at Optegra tomorrow, where he can tell me the state of the healing, as it can take a minimum of two weeks for the epilphillium to heal and flatten itself out

    Day 7 (Post op) Thursday = Eyes felt a bit better today, and had to drive to Optegra so wore my sunglasses for the first time, and could read much better than I previously could. Arrived and was greeted by Oliver again, who ran some tests similar to what I had done when I went to the free consultation to look at the cornea etc. I then read off the board and could see pretty much up to the 6/6 line of text, albeit a bit blurry. I asked Oliver about the healing after he examined my eyes and he said they are nearly healed, and the blurriness should fade away shortly. He gave me some better eyedrops to lubricate the eye more and also aide with the healing process. Went to Woking for a meeting and enjoyed the glorious sun wiht my sunglasses on.

    Day 8 (Post op) Friday = Today I come off Exocin, and on use Maxidex twice a day, but this new stuff I use 4 times a day to lube the eye and aide it with healing. Woke up this morning being able to see more, took my 7am drops and then watched some tv, had a little sleep from 1130 - 1230 and woke up with being able to read my PHP book on my bookshelf with no bluriness, which felt amazing just need to continue the resting of the eyes as they are certainly healing and getting better.

    1 Month post op -- Went on Thursday 28th April saw the specialist, I was told I definatley have 6/6 vision, however the right eye is still healing so I should get 6/5 vision

  19. Hi im new to this Forum. Iv got my Assessment Day on Sunday 18th March 2012 at 8:30 at Spring House Holloway Road, Just wondered if anyone could give me any advice on what i should expect from the day as im a little nervous with the test due to i have heard good things and bad things about it all over the Net, And also if anyone else is attending this time for there Assesment. Would be great to hear back from someone.


    Danny :aok:

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    As the dutiful Husband I took my Wife to London to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary :inluv:We wanted to do something more than a simple meal out and it had occurred to us that we had never done the tourist bit in our fair capitol.So off we went after booking ourselves into a 4 star hotel and toddling off down.It could have started badly when they told us that the hotel was overbooked and there was no room, but.... they had outbooked us to a 5 Star swankier place :whistle: We ended staying in the Sofitel St James between Buck House and Trafalgar Square, just off St James park.It was lovely and so convenient for our activities.With out boring you all too much we went to:HMS BelfastHMS Belfast served throughout the Second World War, playing a leading part in the destruction of the battle cruiser Scharnhorst, and also the Normandy Landings.A real bit of modern history this, great fun clambering around the guns and up and down the ladders as well as the interesting explanations of everything.Tower of LondonWalked around, felt the history and ogled the Crown Jewels, really brings the long history we have in the country home to you.Bill Bailey - Part Troll ShowWent to Apollo Shaftsbury avenue for an intimate gig with this very funnyman, you've probably seen him on never mind the buzzcocks.Two and a half-hours flew by, really recommended - get the DVD.London EyeWell worth the £11 each, a great view and hell of an experience.One bit of advice book your tickets on the Internet, and then picking them up is just a card swipe. Otherwise you queue for 30 minutes to get tickets then again to get on.Cabinet War RoomsVisit the "bunker" which Churchill and the Chiefs of Staff planned WW2.A really good audio tour is included in the price; it leads you through the whole place and lets you listen to extra details on each exhibit if you want to learn more.Takes about an hour to an hour and half.I'll put some pictures up in a few days if any one cares, but suffice to say we had a super weekend.

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    Received a call from HR today advising me that im now on the assessment day this sat. Eeeeeeeeek. Lots and lots of cramming to do.

  22. Well, as Kryten from Red Dwarf once said, "Spin my nipple nuts and send me to Alaska".

    Today has been one of those days whereby no matter what I say or how I've said it, or how it's meant, someone has taken offence.

    It started at the paper shop this morning when I asked for the P & J (local NE/Northern Scotland daily broadsheet). The newsagent, bless, gave me the Currant Bun instead. I simply remarked (lightheartedly) that I wasn't in the mood for breasts and gossip. However, he retorted by saying, we're not all clever gits now are we? Somewhat stunned, I left. Minus the P&J. B-)

    Next faux pas happened with a punter that we were moving stuff for. "Having any luck in buying a new property?" I genuinely enquired. "Absolutely none of your damn business" was the answer. Well pardon me for being polite and trying to make conversation.

    3rd strike came when I telephoned a client and mistakenly thought I was speaking to the lady of the household when actually it was her husband (must tell BT to check that line again B-) ).

    And finally, a forum post earlier tonight.

    So, if you find some offence at this blog entry, well........Tough. I've had enough and I'm off to bed. That way I can definitely keep my big gob shut for a few hours anyway. :aok:


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    Wow...6 months gone, and what a six months!

    As of next Tuesday, 6th January, I shall be made redundant from my job as Service Team Leader at Woolworths in Chippenham. I am going to look for another job, in the interim before I head off to Germany to be an English Language Assistant for nine months in September.

    I'm truly gutted to be leaving Woolies, not for the job; it was OK, but the pay was rubbish, and the customers were awful at times too!, but the people I work with I will genuinely miss, I've made some fantastic friends, and my colleagues are more a second family than friends!

    I will continue within St John Ambulance, and am now able (clouds and silver linings and all that) to attend an NCO training course, which I wouldn't have previously been able to attend.

    I'll try and remember to update this a bit more often next time!