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Welcome to

special constable

The Special Constabulary is the United Kingdom's part-time police force. It is made up of volunteer members of the public who when on duty wear a uniform and have full police powers. There are nearly 20,000 Specials serving with police forces across the UK, working in all aspects of policing.

Our website and forum is packed with information for anyone interested in the UK's Special Constabulary - whether you're a serving Special Constable, maybe thinking of joining, or simply wanting to find out more about "Specials".

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What's New

01-04-11: New information added on Special Constable recruitment eligibility

15-02-11: We've added some new information on paying Specials, the 'bleep test', and advice on improving your fitness.

Latest Police News

Drink-drive officer resigns

Northumbria Police reiterates that it expects the highest standards as officer is banned from driving and fined.

Tributes following Federation official's death

Colleagues pay tribute to former secretary of constables' branch board who died suddenly.

Target culture 'is leading to officer losses'

Police Service is taking a hammering amid continuing culture of numerical goals, says academic.

Deputy 'to become first chief for two years'

Cumbria Deputy Chief Constable Jerry Graham is poised to take the helm at the force.

Performance issues identified in strip-search Taser use

Officers' use of less-lethal weapon in custody cells justified but watchdog raises concerns over performance procedures.

'Primitive' information transfer could impact police deployment

Dated telephone transfer of incident data between emergency service control rooms is causing unnecessary delays and potential for error.

Detective praised for dedication to sex abuse victims

Officer praised for building difficult cases with vulnerable victims through his calm, patient and supportive manner.

Public order: Lead moves to address HMIs' concerns

Justine Curran reveals that workshop will be held to discuss issues raised in Strategic Policing Requirement report.


Blackstone's Handbook for the Special Constabulary

Blackstone's Handbook for the Special Constabulary

Blackstone's Policing for the Special Constable is the second edition of the bestselling Blackstone's Handbook for the Special Constabulary, representing the changing needs of this unique volunteer group within the police service.


Magnum Command Boot

Magnum Command Boot

The Magnum Command is a modern take on an old Magnum Classic combining the strongest Magnum Traditions with a fresh new look.


How2Become - Complete Joining the Police Package

How2Become - Complete Joining the Police Package

The complete How2Become a UK police officer bundle contains absolutely everything you need, taking you from application to your start date. Get the edge.

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